Minutes for October 23, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

23rd of October 2013

“You can do anything, but not everything.”—David Allen


8:30-8:40 Subcommittee breakout groups

i. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 8:48 pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes Minutes passed.

iv. New Business

v. Old Business

a. Voting for one of the Balfour options: Andrew thinks that it should just be 300 for the seniors because it’s the first year. Kate advocates for the 900 copies because if the only people who see the yearbooks are seniors, underclassmen are less likely to advocate for the yearbook in the future. We would give out 900 books creates excitement for the yearbook, and our budget is much bigger now, and we spend much less than prior. 600 yearbooks is a nice middle ground spot. Would the technology allowance be allocated for us to spend on our own technology—would EMU own it? Could we ask money to pay for the “free” books? The 300 would cover Seniors, but we’re already through the first half of the first semester, and there’s a lot that we haven’t covered. And we don’t know what product Belfour will produce, and we should see what we’re getting before we pay lots of money for it (900, etc.). Can make it an opt-out program, but only at the end of the year. Chantelle thinks that we need to go with the 900 to generate student excitement, and could possibly ask students for other pictures to contribute. What is the difference between starting now, or starting next year? Getting an advisor, student leaders, etc. Could start a first-come first-serve basis with 600 yearbooks with sign up sheet. Ken has a pool with potential advisors and student workers. The first option is not even in our budget—already allocated. Only the 900 option would dip into our reserves. If we are considering the 600 copies, it is only a few thousand more, so 900 would make sense. But how can we generate enough student interest? Curtis makes a motion to buy just 300 copies; Camille seconds it. All in favor: 6. Abstaining: 0. Opposed: 8. Kate makes a motion for 900; Alicia seconds it. All in favor: 8. Abstaining: 1. Opposed: 5. Motion passed.

vi. Announcements

  1. SGA meal with the Board of Trustees on November 15th. We will get an email to join the Board of Trustees for lunch. Personal time with people who are involved with policy measures.

vii. Committee Reporting. Krista went to the Safety Committee meeting; talked about global harmonization of chemicals; lift safety; insurance. Potentially closing the Dark Room in the art building. Also talked about the mold situation in the Psych department. Ryan went to the IS committee meeting and the email will go to Gmail supported instead of Squirrel Mail.

viii. Open Floor

ix. Adjournment

Jacob moves to adjourn the meeting.

Chantelle seconds the motion.

Meeting is adjourned.



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