Minutes for October 30, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

30th of October 2013


i. Call to Order at 8:36 PM

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes. Minutes passed.

iv. Old Business

a. Balfour Vote. Co-presidents decided that the decision for 900 yearbooks was not in the best interest of the student body (at the end of next semester, there might not be 900 students on campus; chance of students not wanting yearbooks would result in excess yearbooks). This veto can be vetoed by a super majority of the Senate (2/3s). Andrew proposes the 600-option, with purchasing more, and a first-come, first-serve basis for free books. If departments and other students order more books, then they will be more expensive (the minimum paid to Balfour would be the per book rate). We have to lock in the rate now, regardless of timing. SGA is completely funded by undergrad enrollment (each semester, each student pays $70). If we buy the 600, then if students appear for picture day, then you could get a free yearbook (or at least a reduced rate book)! Could get the extra 300 by students contributing half the cost. Kate makes a motion to buy 600 books; Jacob seconds. Can still create excitement with the 300 extra books. All in favor: 8. Abstaining: 1. Opposed: 3. Motion passed.

v. New Business

a. Common Grounds: Funding Request. Common Grounds’ sales have been increasing. They are looking to buy a new refrigerator and dishwasher. The old fridge is too small. Common Grounds has to wash dishes by hand, and sanitation is questionable. Both new appliances are Energy Star rated and would help efficiency. Asking for a total of $5,000; would provide $1,1131 itself. This would make for a cleaner, more efficient Common Grounds. Some things would still be washed by hand; this dishwasher reaches sanitation levels very quickly and wouldn’t use a lot of water. If able to sustain with dishwashing, then why need this level of dishwasher? This option is for commercial use to reach optimal levels of sanitation, but this one is good for sanitation (doesn’t use bleach, which is concerning).  The refrigerator would be energy efficient as well as students would save time and money by not going to the store 3x a week, would eventually pay for itself. Propose cover the cost of the POS system, as well as new light bulbs; if that is included in the analysis, then total, the costs would be split 50/50. $20,000 is already allocated to Common Grounds. That business normally does not turn a profit—will they this year? Their POS (Point of Sales System) does accounting for everything that we buy; trying to update to give helpful statistics. More efficient electricity use would make a huge difference.  This would dip into our roll-over funds (roughly $22,000). Could we simply transfer money from the roll-over fund to the general? Chantelle moves to make a motion to give full funds. Caleb seconds it. All in favor: 7. Abstaining: 2. Opposed: 1. Motion passed.

b. Frisbee: Funding Request. The club wants to reimburse players for a tournament that the players paid for out of pocket. The entry fee was $150.00, and they are simply asking for that back. SGA gave $300 earlier this semester for another tournament. Because Frisbee Club is “off-campus” (meaning community members can join), they are not allowed to get an account/allocated funds.  Mariah moves to offer full request; Charlie seconds the proposal. All in favor: 10. Abstaining: 2. Opposed: 0. Motion passed.

vi. Announcements

vii. Committee Reporting

Chantelle went to the QEP meeting: sustainability focus. Keep “sustainability” a part of the EMU community: writing intensive courses on sustainability; students on Cross Culturals learn about a sustainability aspect of culture. Cross Cultures are carbon-intensive—offset projects?

            Kate talked with Bruce about getting student photographs in the cafeteria, and he said just to email him and give him the pictures and that he would get them up (both in frames and for the tvs).

viii. Open Floor

ix. Adjournment

Kate makes a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Mariah seconds it.

Motion passed.




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