The purpose of the Student Government Association, as stated in our constitution, is:

  • To develop responsible student leadership.
  • To acknowledge the opportunity and obligation of students to participate in addressing student and institutional concerns.
  • To sponsor beneficial student activities and organizations.
  • To stimulate communication and cooperation among students, faculty and administration.
  • To encourage accountability to the policies and the Anabaptist values fundamental to the University.
  • To foster community and strive to make improvements in all areas of University life.

Want to know more? Read our SGA Constitution and By-Laws.

Student Initiated Endowment Fund

The Student Initiated Endowment Fund (SIEF) was the brain-child of EMU students concerned about the number of prospective students who choose not to attend EMU or other Christian colleges because of increasing tuition costs. They envisioned and worked to create an endowment fund that would provide scholarships based entirely on financial need.

The initial fundraising goal of $25,000 was reached during the spring of 1999, and additional gifts have been given totaling over $107,000. To date, more than $15,000 in scholarship aid has been awarded to qualifying students.

Your gift helps to build this fund and ensure that future generations of EMU students will be able to afford Christian higher education. Send contributions earmarked for SIEF to EMU, Office of Development, 1200 Park Road, Harrisonburg VA 22802.


Q: How can I contact an SGA member?

A: You can email us at SGA executive members also host regular office hours on campus so you can personally meet with them.

Q: Who is on SGA?

A: You can check out our wonderful members here.

Q: When does SGA meet?

A: Wednesday nights in the University Commons, room 211-212, 8 p.m.

Q: Can anyone come to SGA meetings?

A: Yes! SGA meetings are open to the public, feel free to visit us!

Q: What are SGA’s responsibilities?

A: To meet every Wednesday and discuss new ideas pertaining to the student body and school. Also to review and vote on funding request.

Q: Why should I join SGA?

A: Being able to serve on SGA lets you see how EMU and other institutions like it operate, the challenges they face, and the goals they strive for. You also get a chance to meet other student leaders on campus like yourself that are excited to help make this place better for all. As if we could make this an even sweeter deal, serving as a senator also gives you an opportunity to shed light to topics and ideas that you believe need to be discussed, challenged, changed, embraced, or celebrated at EMU!

Q: How do I request money from SGA for my EMU related idea or event?

A: You can submit a funding request through our website. If the project involves multiple clubs on campus, you are able to submit a USO funding request instead as these funds are set aside specifically for projects involving multiple clubs working together.