Minutes for October 16, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

16th of October 2013

            “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” Henry Boye

i. Call to Order called at 8:35 p.m.

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes. Minutes passed.

iv. New Business

  1.             Balfour Report. Shen opportunities through yearbook production company presentation. Most students want a yearbook, yet most do not have copies of past year’s Shen. In 2003, the SGA budget was $40,000, and $30,000 was allocated to yearbook—however, today, with $100,000+ SGA budget and only $15,000 budget for yearbook, which will pay for yearbooks for seniors. If there is more support for the yearbook, the more kids will be interested and buy, and the there’s more support, etc. We could do an “opt-out” instead of an “opt-in” policy of undergrads purchasing the yearbook. We might need multiple years of quality yearbooks to entice enough students to buy. Is it worth it to dip into the rollover money to support the revamping of the Shen? There are over 900 undergrads at EMU. If we were to continue just purchasing yearbooks for Seniors, we would have enough money allocated for their 12,500 price tag. Could aggressively advertise that the yearbook will be different to pump up excitement about the yearbooks. Chantelle makes a motion to work with Belfour, Mariah seconds that. All in favor: 13. Abstaining: 1. Opposed: 0. Motion passed.
  2.             Aikido club constitution report. Aikido club (pacifist self-defense martial arts) asking for club accreditation. Formerly a club at JMU that had to move; was possibly an unofficial club at EMU for awhile. Advisor is assistant coach Eric Payne, and officers are Megan Nafziger, Dennis Valesquez, and someone else. More than seven students are interested in taking one of the 3x a week classes. The club is planning on meeting in the aerobics room.
  3.             SWIP funding request. Limited to Social Work majors, but have open events. They fund/perpetuate Take Back the Night—event devoted to raising awareness of sexual assault. They have a panel, yoga session, etc. SGA usually gives some money for events, but because it is only open for SW majors, doesn’t get actual funding. Requesting $400 to cover all expenses for speakers, food, chalk, “clothesline project,” supplies & posters and miscellaneous expenses. The Orie Miller fund is also being asked. This funding is for the week of Take Back the Night, which is well-received by the student body and has been proven to be helpful. Have not decided on a chapel speaker yet. Campus Ministries is donating some supplies and time, but still need some funding. Kate makes a motion to give the full amount, Curtis seconds it. All those in favor: 11, Abstaining: 3, Opposed: 0. Motion passed.

v. Old Business

  1.             Jacob Mack-Boll returns for Earth Keepers to ask for the $800 allocated for registration, but only $650 was used. Hopefully this extra $150 can be used for gas. Curtis motions to allocate the remaining $150 for whatever, Tyler seconds. In favor: 12, Abstaining: 0, Opposed: 0. Motion passed.

vi. Announcements

  1.             Leadership Conference October 26th. If anyone is interested, Senators     should talk to Christine after the meeting.

vii. Committee Reporting

  1. Undergraduate Council update: Andrew and Christine. Roselawn is planned to be renovated this summer. The top two floors will be converted into classrooms and office rooms, will need to add an elevators for handicap accessibility. Potentially student housing in the current department houses. Department chapel updates are not exciting, so professors aren’t sure if they’re getting to students. Spain and Morocco trip passed for another language credit (added 3 more credits for 120 hours).
  2. Tyler Denlinger Book Store committee. Money saved with rental savings: $45,000 saved. 10,400 with the used books. It’s more effective the more people use it. If the entire student body bought books at EMU book store, then it would be just as cheap as online.

viii. Open Floor

ix. Adjournment

Mariah motions to adjourn this meeting.

Krista seconds it.

Motion passed.




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