October 9th, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

9th of October 2013

October’s poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter. ~Nova S. Bair


i. Call to Order—Called to order 8:34 p.m.

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes—minutes passed.

iv. New Business

  1. Development office report. Kirk Shissler, director for Advancement presented an overview of the Suter Science campaign. Renovation plans and blueprints were shown. During the renovations, classes and labs would be held in the rooms that are not being worked on. Trees around the center will be preserved. Renovations are projected to take within 24 months. If funds about 7 million can be raised, then even the main floor (S-106, other rooms) can be modestly renovated as well. At the moment, almost 90% of funding has been raised, as well as a $500,000 matching campaign (7.3 million is expected to be raised). Proposition about chairs in SC-106; can be sold for roughly $200 a chair. Front entrance illustration would be nice to see. Dynamic Aviation has given generously to this campaign, but it is defense-funded; however, EMU does not have a policy about refusing money, and there are “no strings attached” for their gift. The Development Office wants to experiment with social media for fundraising, or “hipper” ways to connect with younger alumni. Student art auction would be a great fundraising idea.
  2. ISO, TCK, PeaceFellowship: Funding request: Melody Tobin requests $500.00 for the International food fest and story telling. The majority of the money will go for the food booths (20 booths; $20 per booth and wouldn’t cover all of the costs) so students can come for free; $150 for supplies like plates, henna, etc. There is funding for the International Educational Week, but that is minimal and this involves 3 clubs. This event is open to all campus, and a great way to advertise the entire week. International Education Week happens nationwide on other college campuses; Peacefellowship is bringing a replica of a drone as a focus of the week/chapel. Students would not be deterred by a small entry fee so that the cooks could be reimbursed. The clubs wanted to buy their own plates so that the sizing and portions could be controlled. Henna artist would be tipped, but the supplies would be provided. It won’t be a sit-down meal, but it does not have a specific start time; possibly going to be in Martin Chapel. Can use the USO fund (which benefits collaborating clubs): roughly $2,000 in that fund now. Should be allocated more for more reimbursing. Jacob moves to give $800 from USO fund; Curtis seconds it. 5 in favor, 2 abstaining, 7 opposed. Motion declined. Krista moves to allocate $400 from USO, $300 from SGA; Alicia seconds it. 0 in favor, 2 abstaining, 12 opposed. Motion declined. Kyle makes a motion to allocate $700 from USO; Curtis seconds it. 11 in favor, 3 abstaining, 0 opposed. Motion passed.

v. Old Business

  1. The Shen

vi. Announcements

a.  Leadership Conference October—Taking place on October 26th, information will be in an email. All senators invited, as well as club leaders. 

vii. Committee Reporting

  1. Undergraduate Council update: Andrew and Christine—pushed to next week.

viii. Open Floor

ix. Adjournment

Kate makes a motion to adjourn this session.

            Krista seconds.

            Motion passed.




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