Minutes for October 2nd, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

2nd of October 2013

“The true measure of a man is not his intelligence or how high he rises in this freak establishment. No, the true measure of a man is this: how quickly can he respond to the needs of others and how much of himself he can give.” ? Philip K. Dick

i. Call to Order Meeting commenced at 8:34 PM

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes Minutes passed.

iv. Announcements

v. Committee Reporting

vi. New Business

  1. Peace Fellowship funding request: Rachel Bowman represents Peace Fellowship, and asks for funding for the MCC UN Student Conference. She knows that it only reaches a few students, but a coffeehouse or other campus-wide activities benefit the greater campus. The topic this year is pertinent to EMU—“UN Peacekeeping Missions: Pacifist Endeavor or Step Towards War?” Last year, SGA provided $600, but this year prices have gone up; now, with lodging, registration and gas money, total expenses will be $1848; she is asking for $715. Peace Fellowship is also asking money from the Orie Miller fund. The room cost is through the conference and is more than likely the best price. Personal conversations, along with public campus event will really benefit the greater student body. This is a huge opportunity to connect with greater MCC and UN resources (and tour the UN building). Jacob proposes to grant full amount, Caleb seconds. 12 in favor, 3 abstaining, 0 opposed. Full amount passed.
  2. Earthkeepers funding request: Jacob Mack-Boll asks for $800 for an Earth Keeper-sponsored Power Shift, a conference “dedicated to analyzing how students/young adults can impact the use of fossil fuels and their impact on climate change.” EMU students are traveling to Pittsburg. This is a large conference with workshops, networking, and projects. Per student cost is $80, plus four day’s worth of food, and transportation; the students will be staying with EMU alumni to keep costs down. Pursuing funding from outside sources, such as Sierra Club, a food justice coalition, and local businesses. Encourage individual students to search for funding from the Sierra Club to defray personal costs. Once back on campus, take public steps, but haven’t fully shaped a plan. Registration will be cheaper if purchased before Friday. The environment is important, and this will develop the students’ abilities to lead other workshops, etc. Would like to see students pay some money, but with food, transportation, and other costs, students would have to pay. Concerns were raised about specific details or lack of organization (transportation?). Because $80 is more than each individual student activities payment, is that too much? Cannot do packed lunches for fall break. Jacob motions to pass full amount, Kate seconds. Stipulation: if granted $800, then at least 10 students must attend. 6 in favor, 6 abstaining, 3 opposed. Motion passes.
  3. SGA Suggestion Box [#9] Suggestion for on campus daycare for students with children, or faculty members as well. Would have to find a room, staffing, legal stipulations (childcare guidelines); or are they asking for an SGA endorsement? This is a very expensive proposition; every year this issue is brought up. Could gather statements from students that would benefit from this, then compile a document and send those statements along with the proposal. Could also potentially give jobs to students (especially early-childhood education majors) that might not qualify for work-study. How much would this service cost? Should we establish a task force for a document of recommendation for an endorsement? Alicia Ygarza, Kyle Storc, and Christine Baer volunteer for the task force.
  4. Turnitin feedback Vi Dutcher requests feedback for the use of Turnitin on Moodle. After 3 years of using, faculty will be receiving a questionnaire about its use. It works smoothly for students; any issue would probably lie with faculty. Turnitin then owns the papers, but professors can turn off that function. Can compile a database of EMU-submitted papers to then draw matches. Plagiarizers have been caught from Turnitin—maybe 20-30 cases caught last year, but many more deterred. It shouldn’t hinder students from using their own work later in the future. It is easy for professors to use; many different fields use it. Two students have never used it, three use it often. Total usage of over 4,000 papers over this past year were filtered through Turnitin. Other functions of Turnitin (like being able to see if the students have looked at feedback) are very valuable.
  5. Diana’s Resignation Reading of the resignation email; motion to accept resignation: unanimously accepted.

vii. Old Business

viii. Open Floor

a.   Still need a Shen supervisor.

b.   Everyone join the Facebook group!

c.   Requests for funding and agendas projected instead of printed out copies; send out agenda beforehand to preview.

ix. Adjournment

Tyler motions to adjourn meeting.

Kyle seconds

Motion passed.





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