Minutes for September 26, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

25th of September 2013

“Breathing out

All these warring thunderclouds

Clashing angels

Lungs swell up

And cling to warmer molecules

Let the healing salve sink in

To the higher troposphere”- Freelance Whales


i. Call to Order—Andrew calls meeting to order at 8:35 pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes—Minutes approved.

iv. Announcements

  1. Finalize retreat time and meal—seems like Sunday the 29th works the best. Retreat will include talking about committees, future plans, advancement of funding for Suter Science Center etc. 3:00-6/7:00, dinner included (Taste of Thai). Bringing utensils/kitchenware is encouraged.
  2. Introduce the Freelance Whales—CAC came to SGA about their Performing Arts series—this year is one big concert, Freelance Whales, instead of three smaller concerts. The concert will be announced in November/December for the concert in February.

v. Committee Reporting—no one reported.

vi. Old Business

  1. Revisit sign-up sheet for Institutional Committees

vii. New Business—

1. Shen yearbook needs an advisor as well as officers. If there is no interest in the yearbook, we could stop publication, however, this is a long-standing tradition. SGA wants to continue the tradition (but not personally). Suggest looking at what other schools are doing in the “technological age.” An option is to advertise for a paid position to oversee Shen (has to be an EMU employee). Vi suggests Anna Maria Johnson, a recently hired writing tutor to fill the position.

viii. Open Floor—Advisors were introduced. Miscellaneous questions were asked.

ix. Adjournment-

                        Mariah motions to adjourn;

                        Sonja seconds.

                        Meeting is adjourned at 9:02.