SGA Minutes from February 13, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

13th of February 2013

1. Call to Order – at 8:40 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

a. Erika encouraged Senators to do their SGA office hours.

5. Old Business

6. New Business

a. Peace Fellowship Funding Request – Krista Nyce came from Peace Fellowship to ask for $275 to go to The Justice Conference coming up in Philadelphia. Most of the funding has been obtained from the Orie Miller Funds, but more expenses have come up that need to be funded. SGA money would go towards transportation and part of registration. Becca felt that this is something we can support because Peace Fellowship has taken the initiative to get most of the funding from other sources. Becca made the motion to grant the request of $275 to Peace Fellowship. Mariah seconded. Motion passed.

b. YPCA Funding Request – Nels came in representing YPCA asking for $465 to go towards sixty T-shirts produced Laughing Dog for the YPCA 2013 Spring Break Y-Trips. YPCA believes the t-shirts will get the YPCA name out there and build a good reputation for spring break trips and the YPCA in general. Carissa asked about the current costs for Y-trips since YPCA was significantly over last year. Nels reported that the trips are staying more local and costs have been cut significantly this year.  People going on Y-trips mark if they want a t-shirt so we know the t-shirts will be worn. Zach liked the idea to get the YPCA name out there, especially if 50 people wear their t-shirts around campus. Christine made a motion to cover the amount needed for the t-shirts. Matt N. seconded the motion. Motion passed.              

c. Basketball Club Constitution – Glen Nofziger came to the meeting to discuss the new EMU Basketball Club that has formed. Officers of the club are now all in the seminary. They formed a club so they could reserve the gym to play every Friday. They have been playing weekly with attendance up to 75 people. The advisor is David Evans in the seminary. The club is mostly made up of seminary students and CJP, but they are open to anyone wanting to join.  Undergraduate attendance is growing as more people find out they are playing every week. Matt M. made the motion to recommend the EMU Basketball Club to become an official club. Matt N. seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

d. Email Access for Flash Seminar – Erika has been putting together flash seminars where professors lead a discussion on a topic of their choice with 15 students. Erika has been sending out emails through her role as SGA co-president. Since she has been using her SGA access to send out emails, the SGA needs to approve this action. Senators asked if SGA would be endorsing the events by giving Erika access and also if the seminars would continue next year when Erika is gone. Matt M. made the motion to allow Erika to use her SGA access to send out Flash Seminar messages. Meg seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

7. Open Floor

a. Committee Reporting – Carissa went to the Cross-Cultural meeting. The two current groups are doing well. For the 2015/2016 school year a China cross-cultural was approved for the fall and Linford’s trip to the Middle East was approved for the Spring. Other trips were discussed but not approved as they are still trying to find leaders.

b. Kyle went to the Commons Council committee meeting. A main point of discussion was who would get funds if someone rented the group exercise room. They are also going to take down the tennis back drop and put signs up for bikes to be left outside. Bikes inside will be taken by phys plant and then the second time, people will be made to pay a fee.

c. Meg talked about what she wrote for the Weathervane, which has not yet been published.

d. Erika brought a Park Cabin update that asbestos will be removed starting this week and they have already raised $600 more.

8. Adjournment

a. Seth made motion

b. Becca seconded

c. Motion passed.