SGA Minutes from February 20, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

20th of February 2013

1. Call to Order – at 8:34 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

5. Old Business

6. New Business

a. Housing – Brandon Waggy came to talk about the issue of limited intentional community living options available for students. Two options that have been opened in the past were Martin and Redmond Houses. Martin House has since been closed and groups the past two years have been denied Redmond due to resident life not allowing coed living situations. Brandon would love to see more spaces available for students wanting to live in intentional communities as well as offer coed living situations; such as they have at Goshen College and other Mennonite colleges. Brandon believes the SGA can get involved as the voice of students. Ken described the reasons for closing Martin as well as zoning issues that have caused problems as the University has tried to find places for intentional communities. He talked about the plans to move departments out of houses into academic buildings and either use the current buildings for intentional communities or rebuild houses specifically for intentional, coed living.  However, these plans come after the Science Center is built and more money is raised. Brandon sees that there is a lack of options for creative living and the situation is becoming worse as a roundabout is going to be built and Redmond House will be torn down. Hannah suggested that SGA members build a task force with interested Senators. Brandon said this would be nice, but also let the University know that this is important to students. John expressed interest in working with this issue.

b. Fund Request – Roberto Wingfield came on behalf of the Ultimate Frisbee club to ask SGA for $200 to help cover the entry fee for a tournament coming up in Maryland. Club members are already going to pay a significant amount to cover transportation, food, and shelter. 10-12 EMU students will be going to this tournament.  Roberto mentioned that the club has been featured in the WeatherVane and they hope to put in another article after the tournament. Becca mentioned that we should give more because they have been such a large, active group on campus. Becca made a motion to grant the EMU Ultimate Frisbee Team $300. John seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

c. Committee Reporting – Meg and Mariah went to Campus Ministries Council. There was an update on Spiritual Life Week, Y-Trips, and a discussion on chapel policy reform. There was also talk about a graduation requirement for Seniors to attend a certain amount of chapels.

d. Brad went to the Intellectual Life Committee. The group is implementing One Book, One School. The book voted on is The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian for next year. The committee is still discussing how to implement this new plan and ways SGA can be involved.

7. Open Floor

a. Seth brought up that some students have suggested moving the Opinion Board outside the cafeteria to gain more student attention. Carissa has plans to contact Eldon and Bruce about putting up another bulletin board and using that space for the Opinion Board.

b. Elias brought up that the list of potential library games has disappeared from the SGA office. Senators quickly came up with a list of games.

8. Adjournment

a. Becca made motion

b. Christine seconded

c. Motion passed.