SGA Minutes From February 6, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

6th of February 2013


1. Call to Order – at 8:44 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

a. Meeting with Undergraduate Dean candidate – Lynda Nyce will be here on             Monday, February 11 at 8pm in Common Grounds if people can come.

5. Old Business

6. New Business

a. Earthkeepers funding request- Melinda Norris came representing Earthkeepers. They are sponsoring a 56 person bus to the Climate Rally in D.C. on February 21. They hope to have people pay only $10, instead of the full $21. The protest is going to be the biggest climate rally in history. 45 students have already shown interest in going. They are asking $150 from SGA to help with the costs. Tyler made the comment that it was exciting that they are sending so many people. Becca made the motion to grant the funding request to Earthkeepers for the $150. Andrew seconded the motion. Motion passed.

b. Park Cabin – Emily Harnish came on behalf of a group of EMU students and faculty wanting to keep Park Cabin open. Park Cabin was recently closed down due to asbestos in the floor tile. Great renovations are needed, but the only reason the cabin is closed is the asbestos. In conversation with Eldon Kurtz and Physical Plant, it was learned that asbestos removal would cost $2400 dollars. Phys Plant is willing to pay 1/3 of this cost ($800). If $1600 can be raised, Park Cabin will reopen. They are requesting $1200 from SGA and doing other fundraising through alumni and other groups. The group is also going to organize student workdays to work on improving the space for many more years of student use. Tyler suggested we give them the entire $1600 to give a bigger push and show the school we care. Becca also worried how much student money they could raise, so it would be good to give them more. Andrew felt that maybe we should see if they can get some money from other departments. Vi said as a department chair, not many departments have extra money. Zach gave the comment that this seems like the perfect way to use rollover since SGA has accumulated over the past years, while Park Cabin has been forgotten. Matt N. made the comment that by giving more than they asked for, it shows less support because not as many students/groups will be contributing. Zach chimed in that this is student money because SGA’s budget comes directly from student fees. Carissa made a motion to approve the $1600 coming from the SGA general budget with the stipulation that they continue to raise funds for other building improvements. Tyler and Christine seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

c. I Remember Dr. King Gallery – Nels Akerson came on behalf of Peace Fellowship, Black Student Union, and YPCA for the MLK gallery in Common Grounds in January.  The event itself went really well. The request is coming late because of a miscommunication about the amount of money in the USO fund. Zach then informed us that the USO account has $2400 in rollover. The Senate agreed that the money should come from the USO budget.

d. MLK Day Shane Claiborne costs – Hannah presented on the exact costs for Shane Claiborne, now that we know all of the costs. The total cost was $1738.28. Elias motioned that we give the amount in full from the SLS. Becca seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

e. Career and Service Day – Amy came asking for help on February 20th when the annual fair is being held. She would like for Senators to help run the orientation booth. She needs a total of 6 Senators, working 2 per hour for 3 hours.

f. Committee Reporting – Becca went to the Writing Committee meeting this past week and reported on current discussions on The Everyday Writer and if they should switch to an online writing handbook.  

7. Open Floor

a. Brad talked to Bruce this past week. Bruce said that SGA would have to approve all the music and figure out what to play, but gave the green light. Bruce was also very open to get more student art on the walls and possibly having a competition for students to submit their art. The caf will also be expanding in the next couple of years. Ken addressed that the renovations will cost $3 million, with Pioneer Catering provide a third, fundraising a third, and borrowing a third. The timeline for this project is not in the next year, but it would be good to begin to get student input. The architect is happy to come talk to SGA.

b. Meg is writing a short update for the WeatherVane for this week and is open to suggestions.

c. Christine suggested bringing Michael Shank come in for the Student Lecture Series. He is Senior Policy Advisor and Communications Director for a Congressman and graduated from CJP. Erika suggested she talk to Res Judicata.

d. Carissa encouraged people to help clean up the encouragement corner if they see it is messy. Becca also asked for any old magazines to be cut up.

8. Adjournment

a. Carissa made motion

b. Matt N. seconded

c. Motion passed.