SGA Minutes from January 30, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

30th of January 2013 

1. Call to Order – at 8:42 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

a. Dinner with Pat and Loren – March 13th at 6pm with some vegetarian options being available.

b. Sign-up sheets were passed around again.

6. Old Business

7. New Business

a. Peace Fellowship Funding Request – Krista Nyce brought up the request for the annual Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship Conference for $475. $75 is to help cover part of the registration fees and then $200 per car (for two cars). Participants are paying $20 out of pocket to go. This conference has been funded always in the past by SGA. Becca gave the motion to give the full amount of $475. Matt M. seconded the motion. Motion passed.

b. Committee reporting – Meg went to the Strategic Planning Committee today where they talked about fundraising for the new Science building. They need about $2 million more of the $7 million budget. Building should be done if fundraising and renovations go as planned in 2016. Right now they are trying to make connections with wealthy alumni.

8. Open Floor

a. Andrew brought up that the Athletic department cannot help fund sand volleyball lights and gave other ideas of ways to fundraise. He was unsure what the final cost would be. Phys plant already has poles, which are the most expensive part. Hannah suggested having students volunteer for Pioneer.

b. Becca and Carissa went shopping for the Encouragement Corner. Molly is working on a sign to make it for visible/colorful. Carissa suggested making postcards from SGA to send students for encouragement.

c. Elias met with library committee about board games to be checked out. They are open as long as SGA funds it and does inventory. Elias also asked about keeping the library open later for finals week as long and they said SGA would have to be willing to staff it. This idea was shot down by several people.

d. Zach reported that the Administration Transparency Committee were going to try to schedule a town-hall meeting. Molly suggested a warm month and hold it on Thomas Plaza. Others brought up that that might be too late in the semester. Zach suggested a couple of weeks after Spring Break.

e. Carissa wanted suggestions for the Opinion Board. She also brought up that the SGA Office does not have a single pen. Carissa also hopes to post more on the facebook page and make the Opinion Board mostly online.

f. Erika brought up that the WeatherVane is still willing to give SGA a box. Meg and John said that they could help write sometimes.

9. Adjournment

a. Becca made motion

b. John seconded

c. Motion passed.