SGA Minutes from November 7, 2012

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

7th of November 2012

1. Call to Order – at 8:35 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

a.     Becca M. gives an update on Fall Fest progress. She says SGA senators will be needed to help at Fall Fest: 6 people at Chipotle stand; 1-2 people to help with apple cider (Earth Keepers mainly in charge there); 1 person to help out with games; and 1 person to help with the pies. Jenna, Becca L., Molly, and Kyle volunteer to help with Chipotle. Louise volunteers to help with apple cider. Becca M. says we will need as many SGA senators to help the day of the event. Molly is making posters for the event. SGA page is going to create a Facebook group for the event. John says the estimated cost for Chipotle is $1,230.75 and that it would be best to collect burritos in shifts to keep them fresh (three trips best). Molly suggests that we make Chipotle available at the beginning of the event so that people have incentive to come and stay. Chipotle will be delivered at 1:00; 2:30; and 4:00. Pie and cider will be available throughout.  Becca L. says that attendance at this event is crucial. If we are excited about it, others will be excited about it. Becca M. raises a question: do we pay for the burritos all at once or as we pick them up?
b.     John reports on the undergraduate council meeting which he attended this past week.  One topic discussed at that meeting was the idea of SGA financially supporting student conferences. Is it a good thing to put our money towards individual trips? Dean Nancy has seen a lot of students coming to her for financial support for trips (conferences, etc.). Departments have traditionally given money to support this need. Would it be a good idea for SGA to give money to a fund under the dean to support these miscellaneous student conferences?

5. Committee Reporting – None

6. Old Business

a.     On SGA’s Facebook page the following ideas from the idea drive had 25 and 30 likes respectively: “Lights at Hillside sand volleyball courts” and “Campus puppy”. Andrew says he would be interested in heading up a committee for putting in lights at the sand volleyball courts. Jake says that Micah Hurst is seriously interested in getting and taking care of a campus puppy. Molly suggests taking care of some of the others ideas that got a good amount of likes as well, such as “recycling bins next to printers”.

7. New Business

a.     Krista Nyce makes a funding request for Peace Fellowship to attend the School of America’s protest in Georgia this year. The School of America is an organization that in the past has trained people from other countries in guerilla warfare. Peace Fellowship is not able to pay for this trip with the money from their budget because their funding from SGA was cut in half last year (with the understanding that Peace Fellowship would come to SGA when more money was needed). Zach says he thinks Peace Fellowship’s funding request is reasonable. John, Becca M., and Molly agree. Becca M. makes a motion to grant the funding request for the full amount of $500. John seconds the motion. Motion passed with a vote.

8. Open Floor

a. Matt M. says that ISO needs volunteers to help blow up balloons on Friday at 2:00.

9. Adjournment

a. Becca M. made motion

b. Molly seconded

c. Motion passed.