SGA minutes from November 14, 2012

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

14th of November 2012

1. Call to Order – at 8:35pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Vi recommended to change student trips to students conferences. John made a motion to change student trips to student conferences. Jenna seconded Minutes passed with approved change.

4. Announcements

5. Committee Reporting

a. Fall Fest – Becca Martin spent $125 on pumpkin pie material. She had put up posters and Res Life took them down from Res Life boards. All but one of our musical bands have backed out, which is not good news. Other musical suggestions were discussed. People need to be at Thomas Plaza at noon to set up. Senators who do not have specific jobs can just be wandering around to help where needed. T-shirts should be in by Friday and can be picked up at SGA office.

6. Old Business

a. MLK Day update – Brian Martin Burkholder and Beth Lehman came from the MLK Day committee. This idea was started last semester with Hannah and Erika (last year’s SGA presidents) who were committed to bringing in a big-name speaker. Shane Claiborne is booked to come and the committee has been working on broadening the day to include service and learning. Senators were given draft of concept sheet. The day is in the works for this year, but also possibly starting with smaller plans and having a five-year plan to implement ideas. Part of the plans for the day include service projects and discussions in classes. Right now only the Shane Claiborne part is in place, while the other ideas are still being discussed. Other ideas are having a forum in the evening about justice themes, looking at the one community, one book idea. The committee wants student feed-back for the ideas. Ken spoke to the broader MLK service day movement. He also mentioned that the Academic Cabinet supports this decision, but emphasizes that classes will not be canceled. They are picturing this being a campus-wide event including students and faculty. It is a day ON, not a day off. Those who would want to volunteer on the day would have released from class. Becca M. mentioned that it would be nice to have something on campus. Brian said MCC would be happy for us to put together hurricane relief kits, but we would need money for supplies. Phys plant might also be able to come up with on-campus projects. Senators seemed excited about the event. Becca M. suggested that we look at churches for supplies for kits. Jake also said that this needs more mmmppff and get student attention. He likes the idea of being more involved in our own community. Brian brought up that the committee meetings have focused more on the day of learning, rather than service and how we can have more learning in our classes about MLK. Beth brought up the concern that service on MLK Day feels kind of token and not an authentic way to celebrate the day. Ken brought up that he hoped the service to be a time of working alongside others and get to know others whom we would not normally get to know and break down barriers. MLK was all about equality and this could be a way to celebrate this. Ken felt that students are more likely to grab onto the day than faculty and staff.

7. New Business

a. CFCI Resolution – Joshua Kanagy, Seth Stauffer, and Rachel Bowman came from Peace Fellowship’s Conflict-Free Campus Initiative to give a short presentation on conflict minerals and their resolution they hope to make to the Board of Trustees. They showed a powerpoint presentation including vocab, the conflict, statistics, and company rankings. They talked about the importance that universities can play in helping end the violence in Congo. If EMU would pass a resolution to buying conflict-free electronics, electronic companies would have to listen since we possess so much buying power. Ken brought up that the next time this can come be brought to the board is not until June.  He brought up that the President’s office determines the plenary for the Board meetings. SGA’s role would be to officially sponsor the bill and help bring it to the board. SGA could also push it through President’s Cabinet. John spoke his support to do everything in SGA’s power to help support the group and resolution. Other senators voiced their support. Someone asked about funding and Julia clarified that the entire initiative is coming out of Peace Fellowship’s small budget. It is decided for Senators to take this back to the students for more discussion and making an intentional effort to talk about this and bring it back after Thanksgiving.

b. Constitution Review: LSA – LSA lost their constitution and wrote up a new one for review. A recommendation was made by Matt N. to change the wording under section 5 to change the word propaganda. Becca M. made the motion to recommend that the LSA constitution to the President’s Cabinet with word change for review. Tyler seconded. Recommendation made.

8. Open Floor

a. Tyler asked about Senate elections for next semester. Elections take place at the beginning of each semester with the exception of Jacob leaving next semester so a new vice-president will need to be elected this semester. Senators not returning in spring need to write a formal letter to SGA.

b. John brought up the issue for the Encouragement Committee to leave anonymous notes of encouragement in a bowl for students to take.

9. Adjournment

a. Becca M. made motion

b. Matt L. Molly seconded

c. Motion passed at 9:50pm.