SGA minutes from October 17, 2012

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

17th of October 2012

i. Call to Order

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii.Approval of Minutes

Iv. Announcements

v. Committee Reporting

a. Ironing out Institutional Committees


vi. Old Business

  1. Basketball Constitution: Becca Martin wonders if advisor could be chosen from locations other than CJP or Seminary. Becca Longenecker asks if senate feels good about recommending that Basketball Constitution move along.


vii. New Business

a. Funding Request: Mountain Justice Fall Summit: Jacob M.B. explains that MJFS is an event focused on providing skills, training, and education regarding mountaintop removal, including health and environmental issues. There are two people interested in going to the summit. Becca M. asks if MJFS was advertised to student body. Jacob M.B. says that Beehive Collective event was one way in which it was advertised. Becca M. asks how the experience was brought back to student body last year after students went to fall and spring summits. Jacob M.B. says last year students presented informational meeting which was open to the entire student body.

b. Funding Request: Mike Sheeler: Mike Sheeler makes request that SGA help fund his personal trip to the Big Water Film Festival in Washburn Wisconsin to support the EMU, student-produced film which he helped make. Matt N. asks Mike to describe documentary. Mike says it is about an aid worker who was killed overseas. Jacob M.B. asks if other students who helped make film will be going to the festival. Becca M. asks if Mike has considered other funding options, such as admissions. Jenna asked how Mike will be “covering” the festival (with photography and video). Matt M. asks if film will be shown on campus again. Mike confirms. Becca M. asks how Mike will bring his experiences from festival back to EMU larger campus. Mike talks about the possibility of doing something through Marketing Department or write an article in the Weathervane. Jacob M.B. clarifies that SGA attempts to fund students based on the probability that their actions will benefit or impact the larger EMU community or student body.


b. Funding Request: Matt M.: Matt explains that Nov. 9th to Nov. 14th is international education week and ISO will be hosting a celebration that week with food, a live band, henna painting, etc.


c. Molly: SGA T-shirts: Molly says that we will be getting t-shirts made for SGA so that we can wear them at the November event. Brad asks where the shirts will be coming from. Becca M. says that the t-shirts will be from American Apparel which


 d. Accountability for subcommittees: Becca L. says that planning for the November Event is well underway, but she hasn’t heard from other committees, such as the Encouragement Committee, Healthy Cafeteria Committee, and Administration Transparency Committee. Matt M. says that he talked with Monica about more health options in the caf. Jacob M.B. suggests that new committees could be made now even though it is half-way through the semester. Becca L. asks how we can hold each other accountable to make sure we can continue moving forward with the committees. Molly suggests having leaders of each committee. Becca L. says she has papers with leaders’ and members’ names recorded for each committee.


viii. Open Floor:

Vi suggests that Mike Sheeler ask the Dean for money for his apartment. Jacob M.B. makes a motion to not approve Mike’s funding request. Becca M. seconds the motion. The motion is passed with a vote. Becca L. suggests that we could grant Jacob M.B.’s funding request with the stipulation that he bring the information back to campus somehow. Matt N. makes a motion to grant Jacob M.B.’s funding request of $50 with the stipulation that they somehow bring the information back to campus. Isaac seconds the motion. Motion denied with a vote. Kyle makes a motion to not grant the funding request due to lack of attendance and the personal nature of the trip. Motion passed with a vote. Becca reminds us that Matt M. made a funding request for $600. Isaac says that he thinks ISO’s events usually engage a large portion of the student body. Jacob B.S. makes a motion to grant the funding request for ISO because the event represents a significant portion of the student body. Becca M. seconds it. Andrew asks if there is any way we could advertise SGA at the ISO week-long event. Becca L. says that we could ask to advertise the event as co-sponsored by SGA. The motion to grant ISO $600 is passed with a vote. Becca M. says that the November event will cost about $2,000.


ix. Adjournment: Isaac make a motion to adjourn the meeting. Zach seconds the motion.