SGA minutes from October 10, 2012

SGA Minutes

October 10, 2012

I. Call to Order

a. 8:33 pm

II. Roll Call/Prayer

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Vi did not receive email notice

IV. Announcements

a. Friday meet outside back door of cafeteria for fundraiser. Idea drive is over and ideas are being compiled by executives.

V. Committee Reporting

a. No reporting

VI. Old Business

VII. New Business

a. Loren Swartzentruber here to give Science Center update. Kirk Shisler, VP for advancement, gives background and distributes summary notes. Planning began 2006 with idea to build new building next to old for $22 million. Look to find 40-70% of funds from a handful of donors. Recession stalled progress. Revised strategy is to renovate with on lower budget ($6 million commitment). Alumni are dedicated to EMU but most do not earn much money or if they do, they give to many different organizations/charities. Plan is to engage faculty and others, continue fundraising (want at least $2 million more by Dec. 31, 2014). Told we can’t renovate current lab space to bring it up to codes/standards. So, when reconstruction happens, it’s expected that there will be one year of inactivity in science center. Hoping to begin reconstruction in the next 4 years. Have not gone public with campaign yet. Jacob M.B. asks if there is anything SGA can do. Becca asks if there will be some kind of formal communication with students about science center. Molly offers to do a write up in Weathervane about this topic. Loren says he is willing to talk with students, suggests “town meeting.” Jacob says it was good to hear the information about the science center tonight. Loren says he is disappointed that original plan will not work out. Virginia Wesleyan and Concordia Colleges have also had to adjust their plans for reconstructions and instead made more modest improvements. Becca asks, during what part of the process will students be asked to help? Becca Martin says it is nice to hear update. Thank you’s are exchanged between administration and students. Loren and Kirk leave.

b. Krista Nyce, co-president of Peace Fellowship, is asking for funds for student trip to New York for Peace Conference. Students will be hosting a coffee house on campus afterwards to talk about what they’ve learned. Total money needed from SGA $500. Discussion: Jacob M.B. says Peace Fellowship has done a good job in the past of bringing info back from these types of events. Matt N. makes a motion to give full amount of money to Peace Fellowship. Becca Martin seconds the motion. Zach says that we have enough money to afford giving Peace Fellowship the full amount for which they are asking. Vi says it might be nice to affirm Peace Fellowship in the good things that they did. Vote. Motion passed.

VIII. Open Floor

a. Jacob M.B. asks if there would be another date and time that we could meet next week for SGA because of the conflict with “Take Back the Night” coffee house. 7:00 pm next Wednesday is decided upon.

b. Matt N. says that most people do not know that senators are available in the SGA office during their office hours. How can we advertise this more/be more accessible to students during that hour?

IX. Jacob B.S. makes motion to adjourn and Becca Martin seconded the motion.

X. Adjournment

a. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm