SGA minutes from October 3, 2012

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

3rd of October 2012

1. Call to Order – at 8:31pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes from the past two weeks passed.

4. Announcements – None

5. Committee Reporting

a. Strategic Planning Council – Becca L. shared about inter-library loan, global impact goal, marketing-how we portray ourselves to the public and other students.

b. Royals Cup Discussion – Committee too small and wanted to bring idea to larger Senate. Plans should begin, although implementation will most likely be for next semester.

c. November Event – Becca Martin brought the event to the Senate. November 17th was picked for the date on a Saturday.  The big expenses will be food and apples. The plan is for an apple press and also to have Chipotle cater. Chipotle has been contacted and is interested in catering. Becca Martin also brought up the idea of coupon idea to make this discounted for students, but not community members who might show up.  This Saturday is also a perspective student visit. They are working with CAC and other clubs to co-sponsor the event and do different events. The budget is looking to be around $3000, mostly because of Chipotle. A lot of this money SGA will get back by charging students half price. The other events should be cost-free. Ken brought up the idea to talk to Bruce about providing money for food by going to our event instead of going to the cafeteria that night.

6. Old Business

a. Spirit Week – Monday: Royals Day wearing EMU apparel maybe photos with Herm, Tuesday: Twin Day with photos taken of twins outside the cafeteria, Wednesday: Wake Up Wednesday with students wearing pajamas/crazy hair and a possible movie in Common Grounds, Thursday: Thrifty Thursday with people dressed in their “best” thrifty outfits, Friday: Cross-cultural day by wearing international clothing. Suggestion was made to have tri-folds in the cafeteria, Friday announcements, posters, and facebook. Different Senators took different days to help plan.

b. Idea Drive – People have seen students write suggestions and others have written on facebook.

 7. New Business

a. Basketball Club Constitution – Senators were encouraged to take Constitutions and we will discuss it next week.

8. Open Floor

a. Club Registration – Ken brought a motion from Laurie Miller about clubs registering on time in order to receive funds. Tyler made motion that Each spring clubs and organizations will have to report ot SGA who their president will be for the following year before any monies are approved for that organization. Then, in the fall, clubs will be given registration materials at the ice cream social and they will have to be returned within two weeks. If they are not returned, then they would forfeit their SGA allocation for the first semester and would also be considered inactive until their registration is turned in. If they turn in their registration after the two week period, but before the second semester begins, they would be activated at the time of registration and they would be eligible fore second semester funds.  For this year Laurie Miller will send out a notice that if he does not receive their registration by Oct. 10 they will lose their money for first semester and will be considered inactive. If they register after Oct 10 they will be activeated but will only be eligible for second semester funds.

Becca Martin seconded the motion. Motion passed.

9. Adjournment

a. Becca Maritn made motion

b. John Campbell seconded

c. Motion passed at 9:16pm