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Partnering With Police To Do Restorative Justice

In the summer of 2010, a Massachusetts man who had just retired from 33 years of policing – the last 17 as a police chief – did an odd thing for relaxation and rejuvenation: he enrolled in Howard Zehr’s restorative justice class at EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI). Chief Len Wetherbee already knew quite a ...More

Restorative Councils Help Pakistani Police

Ali Gohar updates jirga As the founding director of JustPeace International, Ali Gohar (MA ’02) has worked at updating the practice of jirga, an ancient tradition in Pakistan whereby respected and wise elders deliberate in an open community forum to resolve conflicts. In 2003, he and fellow CJP graduate Hassan Yousufzai (MA ’03) co-authored Pukhtoon ...More

African Police Officer Seeking Alternatives

At the end of his first year as a Fulbright scholar at CJP, Abou Ag Ahiyoya of Mali said he has been impressed with CJP’s emphasis on transformation at the grassroots level. “Until now, I have seen a top-down approach for solving problems,” Abou said in a May 2011 interview with Peacebuilder. Abou comes from ...More