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Restorative Councils Help Pakistani Police

Ali Gohar updates jirga As the founding director of JustPeace International, Ali Gohar (MA ’02) has worked at updating the practice of jirga, an ancient tradition in Pakistan whereby respected and wise elders deliberate in an open community forum to resolve conflicts. In 2003, he and fellow CJP graduate Hassan Yousufzai (MA ’03) co-authored Pukhtoon ...More

Disaster and Peace

Mohammad Ishaq Israr used to be a schoolteacher. But in 2005, when northern Pakistan was devastated by a major earthquake, Ishaq rushed to help and decided, after three months, that he was better suited to disaster assistance than to teaching. That’s what Ishaq was doing when he met Ali Gohar at a conflict resolution training ...More

History Matters

Understanding Afghanistan and Pakistan Understanding Afghanistan and Pakistan today starts with grasping the basics about their interconnected histories, including the roles other powers have played in this region. The situations we see today have deep roots. Some of the story lines are sadly familiar, with mistakes and tragedies repeated. The spring/summer 2010 edition of Peacebuilder magazine is ...More

Ten Steps Toward Ending the Chaos

These are excerpted, sometimes paraphrased, from the concluding chapter of Descent Into Chaos – The U.S. and the Disaster in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid. Take a multi-prong approach: No single military, development or political solutions. Involve every entity with a stake in this matter: Pakistan, India, United States, European Union, NATO, ...More

The Pakistanis: Persisting Despite Despair

We need to change the psyche and attitudes of people. –Nadeem Masih, Executive Director, Human Welfare Organization The 15 Pakistanis who responded to a January 2010 query from Peacebuilder magazine did not mince words: Conditions in their country are spiraling downward. “If a day passes by without a bomb blast or a suicide attack, that becomes ...More