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JustaPaz, 1996: Lifting Mozambique from the Rubble of War

Two decades before Bishop Dinis Matsolo journeyed from Mozambique to the United States to take three courses at EMU’s 2005 Summer Peacebuilding Institute, he was a peacemaker forged in the cauldron of one of the worst wars Africa has seen. “If you have a gun, you’ll use it…. If someone provokes you and you have ...More

Peacebuilding author & consultant

Fidele Lumeya, MA ’00 Silver Spring, Maryland Fidele Lumeya feels that much of the material he covered to obtain his master’s degree in conflict transformation actually was embodied in African traditions of living in community, working out problems peaceably, and practicing reconciliation. Fidele articulated some of his views in a 2009 French-language book The Culture ...More

Founding director of JustaPaz, organization for peace in Portuguese-speaking world

Alfiado Zunguza, MA ’99 Maputo, Mozambique Like many of his fellow students in CTP in the late 1990s, Alfiado Zunguza came from a country ripped apart by war – Mozambique. As a child, he lived for months without electricity or potable water. Motherless from age 6, he moved among relatives’ homes in search of education ...More