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Jonathan Bartsch

Senior Program Manager, CDR Associates I have worked as a facilitator, mediator and trainer for CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado, since receiving my MA. My professional area of focus is environmental streamlining and negotiation in the water and transportation sector. I design and facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborative processes to address public policy disputes. In the transportation arena, ...More

Earliest CJP Students Prize the ‘Lens’ They Acquired

Who would come from half-way around the world to enroll in a program at Eastern Mennonite University that was so new, no college catalog listed it? Sam Gbaydee Doe did. From Liberia. Initially, the plump squirrels running around campus dismayed him: They could be food for very hungry people in his war-torn homeland. He himself ...More

CEO, mediation/facilitation organization

Jonathan Bartsch, MA ’97 Boulder, Colorado Jonathan Bartsch’s organization, CDR – which stands for Collaborative Decision Resources – was founded in 1978, making it one of the oldest mediation and facilitation organizations in the United States. CDR’s 12 facilitators and two support staff are nationally known for facilitating discussions between people affected by, or involved ...More