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Hedley Abernethy

Since graduating in 2006, I have had the pleasure of working for Catholic Relief Services based in Baltimore, Maryland. CRS is the humanitarian aid and overseas development agency of the Catholic church in the United States. I still smile at the irony of a bitter and twisted Northern Irish protestant working for one of the ...More

Ngoriakou Joseph Riwongole

Catholic Relief Services, Kenya office Upon returning to Kenya, I spent time with my family who are pastoralists. I am now working for Catholic Relief Services, Kenya office.

Peacebuilding author & consultant

Fidele Lumeya, MA ’00 Silver Spring, Maryland Fidele Lumeya feels that much of the material he covered to obtain his master’s degree in conflict transformation actually was embodied in African traditions of living in community, working out problems peaceably, and practicing reconciliation. Fidele articulated some of his views in a 2009 French-language book The Culture ...More

Peace Spreading in South Sudan

EMU’s trainers play supporting roles This April CJP, under contract with Catholic Relief Services-Sudan Program, will wrap up nine months of “Leadership in Peacebuilding” training in South Sudan in which men and women representing various constituencies in the region – including the government, military, and ethnic communities – were brought together for an intense, in-depth ...More