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Amela Puljek-Shank

Amela Puljek-Shank is the Mennonite Central Committee Area Director for Europe and the Middle East. She began this position in January 2013.

The Peace Academy, 2007: Detoxifying the Post-Yugoslavia Region

Much of Sarajevo still looks battered by the sniper fire and artillery shelling of a quarter century ago, with gashes in the gray concrete of the multi-story apartment buildings and half-demolished homes behind some garden fences. Yet the setting is stunning. Heavily forested hills, with five big mountaintops, hug the valley where Sarajevo nestles along ...More

Rep., Mennonite Central Committee

Randy Puljek-Shank, MA ’99 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina Based in Amela’s home country of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Randy and Amela Puljek-Shank have spent the last eight years devoted to healing the harms caused by the horrific warfare that occurred in the early 1990s across what was formerly Yugoslavia, and to preventing such horrors from happening again. They are also ...More