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Advancing Peace & Mitigating Crises

Dr. Lisa Schirch, director of the 3D Security Initiative and EMU professor of peacebuilding, and Chic Dambach, president and CEO of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, prepared this summary for Peacebuilder of their extensive list of recommendations for policymakers considering changes to the U.S. Foreign Assistance Act in 2010. A robust commitment to and investment in ...More

Influencing Public Policy With Ham’s Helping Hands

“Many people in peacebuilding are naïve or unaware of how to engage policymakers. They are clueless about the kind of impact they can have. They are intimidated by the idea of meeting with a member of Congress,” says Eric Ham. Ham is changing that.

‘3D Security’ Draws Attention

From Queen Noor to Congress When CJP professor Lisa Schirch launched the 3D Security Initiative in November 2006, she had no way of knowing how long it might take for 3D to gain the attention of top decisionmakers in this country. Regardless of the months, years or even decades that might be required, Schirch committed ...More

8 Steps Toward Peace with Iran

In her meetings with U.S. military leaders and elected officials, Lisa Schirch elaborates upon these eight steps that she believes could and should be taken in Iran: Engage in immediate direct talks without preconditions. Support regional diplomatic efforts to lay the necessary groundwork for addressing the root causes. Take a “carrot” – rather than punitive ...More