Submit a story

The intent of Peacebuilder Online is to facilitate a vibrant and interactive online space that explores issues and tell stories important to the fields of peacebuilding today. To serve this intent, we invite articles written by peacebuilding practitioners themselves, subject to an internal editorial review process at the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding (CJP).

Who may submit stories?

Stories may be contributed by faculty and staff (including adjunct and Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) instructors), current students and participants in all programs of the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding (such as SPI or STAR), and alumni, based on or featuring their personal/professional/practical experiences.

How should my story be told?

Stories will be written in first-person narrative format, consistent with the blog genre. Word count is somewhere around 500-750 words. Writers are also encouraged to think of ways to express their story in multi-media, such as video or photography. We will also accept print pieces or web links to articles written for journalistic purposes. Posts should be current and relevant to the mission, vision, and values of the CJP. Content should cover current work being done by anyone in the above “who” category. Work may be employment or volunteer, short-term or long-term. Finally, posts must be original work and properly cited and credited if using the work of others, including images, photos, and other audio/visual media. Please avoid the use of acronyms or insider language.

What is not appropriate?

Solicitations for money and/or advertising copyrighted materials will not be accepted. As the worldwide web is a public space of sorts, content should honor confidentiality. No content will be allowed which may needlessly expose an individual to harm. CJP faculty and staff will be consulted on postings to ensure the safety of all involved, inasmuch as that is possible. Additionally, links to anything violating the above items will not be accepted.

Why am I writing this? To whom am I writing?

Consistent with broader university standards, Peacebuilder Online is primarily a marketing and communications tool. Through this publication, we hope to highlight the ways in which CJP faculty, staff and alumni are engaging with the world as peacebuilders. It can also be viewed as a tool for recruitment, to share what students have done after their degrees. Finally, it can be viewed as a development tool, to continue to connect with current donors and foster new ones.

CJP retains editorial discretion, and reserves the right to accept or reject submissions; to edit pieces for length or content; and to limit the number of posts about any one topic.