In early 2022, Rhoda made a major career shift and became the owner of The Frame Factory & Gallery in Harrisonburg, Virginia, a custom framing shop and art gallery. She has been enjoying putting her creative energy to work in a new space. Rhoda also does graphic and web design, photography, jewelry, and visual art as a freelancer. Additionally, she continues her work on a part-time basis with Collins Center as a forensic interviewer, hotline supervisor, and graphic designer for the agency.

Previously, Rhoda worked at Collins Center & Child Advocacy Center in Harrisonburg, Virginia from 2009 – 2021 as the Crisis Response and Forensic Interview Coordinator, supervising crisis support services and serving as the lead forensic interviewer. Collins Center is a nonprofit that works with individuals who have experienced sexual harm through advocacy, accompaniment, and counseling services while additionally providing education and prevention programming within the community.

Rhoda maintains a website and blog where she shares her artistic endeavors at

This profile was last updated August 12, 2022