Moussa David Ntambara

Head of the Technical Secretariat, Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund (DCPSF)/UNDP

Moussa’s role in the Technical Secretariat is to provide strategic leadership to the fund so as to maximize impact. Based in Darfur, DCPSF is a UN funding mechanism that focuses on community peacebuilding in Darfur. It was created as a mechanism to promote community peace and mitigate conflict in Darfur while track one processes are going on. DCPSF Phase I funded 26 projects in the range of a total budget of USD 33M. Moussa’s group launched Phase II last Summer with a target of USD 40-50M during the period 2011-2015. The donor’s response was overwhelmingly positive. So far they have been able to mobilize USD 19M. The 26 projects funded are in all three Darfur States.