Mohammad Iqbal Ahnaf

Faculty, Centre for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies

As a lecturer in religion in peace studies, Mohammad teach two graduate courses: “Violence and Peace in Religions” and “Religion, State and Society.” Mohammad also manage a number of research and training programs on the issues of religion, peacebuilding and religion-state relations. He conducts a regular survey monitoring violence and harmony in Indonesia society published as “Annual Report on Religious Life in Indonesia.” Currently, Mohammad also manage a series of training on “Managing Religious Diversity” for government-associated interfaith organizations in Indonesia. The training teaches participants to apply conflict analysis tools and strategic peacebuilding in the context of interfaith relations.

In August 2011, Mohammad completed his PhD in strategic studies at the School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand with a thesis entitled “From Revolution to ‘Refolution’: A study of Hizb al-Tahrir, Its Changes and Trajectories in Democratic Indonesia.” The thesis studies the strategic evolution of an Islamist revolutionary movement as a result of its encounter with democracy in Indonesia. It address the issue of how Islamist movements are changed by or may change democracy in Muslim society.

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