Lina Haramy

G.C., 2004



I came back to Palestine and decided I need to change my career and focus more on dance, which I did. We worked on a contemporary dance piece called “At the Checkpoint” to share with the outside world our day-to-day stories on the checkpoint facing the apartheid wall.

I went through an unexpected, life changing experience of getting married to a wonderful man (Fajer, meaning dawn) and had a beautiful little baby girl, NARA, born on October 8th, 2006 . Her name is derived from fire (nar) in Arabic. It is the singular of fire, and is usually referred to the fire within a burning coal (which is usually the potential of something wonderful). She is a true miracle, and we are both so much in love with her. As soon as we lay our eyes on her, all our troubles disappear, and, in that sense, I think she is a miracle worker. We are still trying to get her papers from the Israeli authorities, as she is the result of a mixed marriage (a Jerusalem Palestinian, and a Ramallah Palestinian). Hope all goes well on that front.

I am currently director of the first Theater Dance School in Palestine, my input in conflict transformation for youth and children within the Palestinian society.

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