Hemlata Rai

Program Analyst for U.N. Peace Fund, U.N. Mission in Nepal

2010: I recently joined the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in Kathmandu as Program Analyst. My primary function is strategic management of the UN Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN). The Fund was set up in March 2007 to complement Nepal government’s Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF). It funds initiatives that cannot be funded or implemented through NPTF or any other existing mechanism.

Apart from managing the Peace Fund I am also responsible in advising on the peacebuilding context in Nepal and its implication for UNPFN funded activities. Currently we are funding 10 projects through various UN agencies.

I am also expected to provide support and advice to the Resident Coordinator and the UN Country Team on peace and development issues, in particular the implementation and monitoring of the Peace and Development Strategy currently being developed. The Strategy attempts to focus on the peace dimensions of development and how to ensure these are incorporated in the overall development agenda.

An interesting item: Monica Rijal (MA ’07) and I are now working in the same building and on the same floor too! Looks like CJP is really invading the UN system when it comes to working in peacebuilding portfolio.

2005: I am working with the European Commission as their Political Advisor. My main task is to provide analysis of political situations from the perspective of peacebuilding, human rights and development. My work will influence European aid to Nepal a large extent. It is a huge responsibility.

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