Francois Traore


Field of Practice:


Francois is a Democracy and Governance Program Specialist with the United States Agency for International Development Mission for Guinea and Sierra Leone. As such, he is responsible for the design, planning, management, implementation and monitoring of democracy and governance activities in USAID/Guinea and Sierra Leone mission. He also advises on, make a determination of work priorities, makes decisions on activity implementation matters, identifies and resolves all issues and programs pertaining to democracy development, such as elections, media, local governance and decentralization, anti-corruption, civil society, human rights, rule of law, institutional capacity building as it relates to good governance, and community based development.

Francois coordinates, manages and provides technical supports to USAID’ s Democracy and Governance implementing partners including Guinea government, IFES, NDI, Search for Common Ground, UNDP, American Bar Association and local NGOs; coordinates USAID Democracy and Governance implementing partner’s weekly meeting; and represents USAID and take lead intervention to Guinea donors’ and international agencies and diplomatic meetings on democracy and governance related issues. He is also responsible for providing grants, initiating, follow up and monitoring the grants procurement process to implementing partners.