Lam Cosmas


Field of Practice:


In November and December of 2010, Cosmas served with the Carter Center as a Medium-Term Observer during the registration for the referendum of South Sudan. The referendum took place in January 2011 and the south voted overwhelmingly for separation and independence from the Sudan.

Comas began working with Catholic Relief Services of South Sudan in September 2011. He provides technical assistance to partner organizations, to design and implement peacebuilding interventions; mentoring and coaching; and monitoring. He facilitated one of the Jonglei mini communities meetings, which was organized by the Presidential Committee for Peace, Tolerance and Reconciliation for Jonglei. Jonglei is one of ten states of the Republic of South Sudan which experienced much tribal violence and revenge attacks in and among its communities.

He recently led a training of county peace mobilizers from six counties of Jonglei, through the Sudan Council of Churches’ project “Peace from the Roots.” Among the trainees were church leaders, representatives from civil society groups, women leaders and local administrators, and it is hoped that this group will form a nucleus for engaging transformative peacebuilding in each community, between and among neighbors.