Carl Stauffer

Asst. Professsor of Development and Justice Studies, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding

2010: After 16 years working in Africa, the last nine years as Coordinator of the MCC Regional Peace Network of Southern Africa, I accepted the position of Assistant Professor of Development and Justice Studies at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

Engaging with restorative and transitional justice issues both on the domestic front as well as the international scene has been a priority since joining the faculty at CJP. It has been energizing to explore integrating my practice experience of peacebuilding, community development, and conflict transformation initiatives in 20 countries in Africa into the classroom setting. Indeed, one of the drawing factors for me in coming to CJP was the intentionality of this program to embed theory in practice. Transitioning from the field to the classroom has been invigorating and rewarding.

I remain impressed with the calibre of faculty colleagues, staff and students here at CJP. I am confident that global efforts in peace-building are being multiplied and enhanced by the excellent work of our CJP graduates who continue to fan out across the world for the cause of justice and reconciliation.

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2008: As Director of Peace-building Practice for Mennonite Central Committee in southern Africa, my area includes trauma healing, non-violent action, restorative justice and reconciliation foci: I work with 12 African associates, and my work involves connecting ideas, people, organizations and resources across all sectors of society in order to build peace in Africa. This is accomplished through the activities of peace education, training, intervention consultation and networking.

I also work with the African Peacebuilding Institute in Zambia.

I am married to Carolyn Swarr Stauffer and we have two—now teen-age—children, Christopher and Grace.