Ph.D from Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research

As a doctoral student at Bryn Mawr College’s Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, my current research interests focus on the intersection of restorative justice, trauma, prison and offending.

Since graduating from CTP, I have worked for the Pennsylvania Prison Society (Philadelphia, PA) where I developed and facilitated restorative justice programs in Pennsylvania state prisons and managed services for children with incarcerated parents and their families. Through this work, I collaborated with people in prison as colleagues and co-practitioners.

My recent book, The Little Book of Restorative Justice for People in Prison (Good Books, 2006), frames restorative justice for an incarcerated audience and suggests ways in which people in prison can do restorative justice themselves. I have also created several other resources, including a workbook of restorative justice reflections, for those who are interested in exploring the meaning and practice of RJ in prison. These materials are posted on the Prison Society website. And, Howard Zehr and I co-edited Critical Issues in Restorative Justice (Criminal Justice Press, 2004).

This profile was last updated January 24, 2018