Chairperson, Himalayan Human Rights Monitors;
Chairperson, Beyond Beijing Committee;
Board member, Smith College Alumnae Association 

Anjana has been involved with transitional justice work with women and children directly involved and affected by armed conflict in Nepal. Anjana started HimRights LifeLine during the conflict and continues to monitor, document, mediate, and rescue. At present, the program is focused on reconciliation work Рpeace and compassion rather than revenge and anger. LifeLine has found about 50% of women have been able to successfully seek compensation/relief on their own after being in the program for 6 days (4 days reconciliation and 2 days for public hearing). With children, the program finds that in 4-5 days they recognize that revenge/violence only perpetuates further violence rather than peace, at both personal and community levels.

With the Beyond Beijing Committee, Anjana is working on the Second Girl Child National Consultation, expansion of network, interaction with Constituent Assembly members, trainings, preparation for UN CSW Session, and preparing for upcoming work.

This profile was last updated March 25, 2014