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New STAR Course Looks to Heal the Past

STAR program artwork created by students during weekend training

A program born out of the Sept. 11 tragedy, Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR), in partnership with Coming to the Table, will offer a one-time seminar designed to heal the past.

Healing Historical Harms (HHH),” will be taught 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Feb. 6-7, by Amy Czajkowski, former director of Coming to the Table, and Ann Holmes Redding, a Seattle based religious leader who is part of Coming to the Table and has developed materials for them.

Strategies and practices covered during the seminar will address healing historical harms (HHH), including; facing history, making connections, healing wounds and taking action.

“The training will present the HHH frameworks, which are drawn from STAR models and the experience of Coming to the Table,” said Czajkowski. “The concept of historical trauma explains that traumatic responses to events originating decades or centuries earlier can be passed between generations, and necessitate a more comprehensive analysis and healing approach than issues originating in one’s lifetime.”

In addition, the seminar will train participants in the theoretical underpinnings of HHH framework, give examples of HHH practices in different settings, and provide opportunities for participants to work with their own case studies to analyze and create a healing approach specific to their contexts.

Cost of the two-day training period is $175.

For more information, including partial scholarships and continuing education units, contact Kate Bergey at kate.bergey@emu.edu or 540-432-4996.

2 Responses to "New STAR Course Looks to Heal the Past"

  1. Angelina Carpenter says:

    I am interested in attending this & am trying to determine my budget. Where would I stay? I will be coming from Knoxville, TN.

    • Mike Zucconi says:

      Angelina, your question has been directed to Kate Bergey who is handling the inquiries for the HHH course.