Posted Amendments to the Constitution

Below are some amendments to the Constitution that the Senate has approved. Please review these as we will be sending out a vote later in April for approval by the full SGA (student body). All these amendments (in italicized font) are additions–the addition of the VP for Marketing and his/her responsibilities, a section to deal […]

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Proposed changes to SGA Constitution

Below are the proposed changes to the SGA constitution.  I have only included the parts proposed for change.  The current wording is written out, followed by the proposed change. Article I 4: To stimulate communication and cooperation among students, faculty, and administration. (Proposed change: “To stimulate communication and cooperation among students, faculty, administration and the […]

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Budget Increase Proposal

Each year, SGA is responsible to assign money from the undergraduate student fees to pay for some of the activities and events sponsored by student organizations. This semester, the SGA has been working at updating and restructuring the budget that comes from student fees. SGA has especially worked closely with Common Grounds since the Lilly […]

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