Minutes 1/29

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

January 29, 2014

Peace begins with a smile.

-Mother Teresa

i. Call to Order 8:33pm

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

Alicia Ygarza H
Andrew Yoder H
Amy Springer H
Becca Longenecker H
Caleb Hinga A
Carissa Harnish H
Carol Song H
Chantelle Garber H
Charlie Good H
Christine Baer A
Curtis Handy A
Erin Nafziger H
Jacob Lester A
Jane Wenger Clemens H
Ken Nafziger A
Krista Nyce A
Kyle Storc Late
Makora Nyagwegwe H
Mariah Elliott H
Ryan Swartzentruber H
Sonja Anderson H
Tyler Denlinger H


iii. Announcements:

Idea Drive begins tomorrow. Boxes are to be distributed tonight by senators. Carissa assigned specific senators to take boxes to the various locations on campus: ________, Cedarwood, Maplewood, Elmwood, Northlawn, Campus Center, Student Life Suite.

Request from CAC for help working at the Freelance Whales Concert. Carissa read Phil’s email to SGA. On the day of the show, CAC needs SGA to do several tasks, and senators were asked to sign up for one of said tasks on a handout sign-up sheet that Carissa passed around.

iv. Approval of Minutes

v. New Business

a. Report from Kyle on meeting with Rachel Roth-Sawatzky

Kyle met with Rachel today and discussed the main idea of combining the kick off with a CAC movie. Rachel suggested that Emily Shenk make a video for a Friday chapel and post it on Facebook to create awareness for the event. CAC would be willing to give away free popcorn for the event. She think that we should try to keep the event short, maybe a half hour since its an informal event. If its longer it might be dull and people might be less likely to come. She thinks we should tell people the movie is at 9 and push back the start of the movie so that they will  come for the kick off unknowingly. Otherwise they might skip it. Christine and Kyle thought Catching Fire looked like the best option for a movie, which falls at a convenient time given our current date for the auction. Rachel also said that if SGA creates a collection box, CAC will leave it out at all of their movies so that students can donate.

b. Brainstorming for kick-off event

Carissa shared an update from Tara about voting on the heads. Tara thinks that its out of the question given the ambiguity of the remodel. She think that it would be cool to spray paint the wall of 104 for fun since it will be knocked down with the remodel. When the exec wondered about fumes from spray paint, Tara said that we could use Sharpie paint or Sharpie pens to do a sort of paint by number. The Science department would be interested and excited to participate, she said. Kyle said that Rachel expressed concern for creating something only to be destroyed it. Christine also worried that the downhill slope of the room would ruin the aesthetic appeal of the proposed mural.

With all previous proposals off the table, Becca proposed a game of capture the flag in the old building before renovation begins. Andrew asked how soon the renovations will begin. Someone thought they had heard that the wall of 106 would be knocked down in April.

Kyle shared that Rachel also suggested a goal for the money that students donate toward the seats in 106, the advertisement could be before the movie for the kick off event, something like, “if you’re tired of these seats, donate a couple of bucks towards new seats in 106”

Carissa asked when the next event would be after the kick off and proposed asking CAC if they would be interested in doing the capture the flag game in the Science Center. Kyle asked which day of the week we should do the movie kick off event. Carissa said not Monday. Charlie said Friday or Saturday.

vi. Old Business

vii. Committee Reporting

Makora went to Creation Care Council. EMU got a silver metal for sustainability. They brought up charging people amount of carbon that they use. Makora suggested raising tuition for people who use more resources. Someone mentioned restricting Freshmen and Sophomores from having cars on campus.

viii. Announcements

a. Idea Drive Box Dispersal

b. Photos after meeting

ix. Open Floor

Approval of Minutes.

Minutes approved

x. Adjournment

Mariah made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Kyle seconded.

Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm