Minutes 1/22

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

22nd of January, 2014

“Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity”

-Novala Takemoto

i. Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 8:35 pm

Alicia Ygarza   A

Curtis Handy   A

Jacob Lester   A

Ken Nafziger    A

Krista Nyce     Late

ii. Roll Call/Prayer

iii. Approval of Minutes

Erin asked to change “adjournment” to “reinstatement”. Change made. Minutes approved

iv. New Business

a.  Introduction of all members for the benefit of the new members

b. Office Hour Sign up

Senators and Executive members were asked to sign up for one office hour slot during the week (not during chapel) to be held in the SGA office.

c. Snack Sign up

For meetings, each SGA member signs up for a week of the semester to bring a snack for the meeting. A sign-up sheet was passed around.

d. Institutional Committees Sign Up

The two new senators and the new secretary signed up for Institutional Committees

v. Old Business

a. Debrief Retreat

Tyler told the senate that SGA is planning an auction and or mac and cheese bake off for the Student Suiter Science Center Campaign. Possible judges for the mac and cheese off  are the trustees of the board.

Kyle talked about the possibility of a CAC movie kick off event to start the Student Suiter Science Center Campaign.

Carissa talked about general fundraising: t-shirts for the Campaign is being headed up by Curtis and he is not here tonight to update us.

Carissa talked about Tara Kisbaugh and Jim Yoder’s update on the possibility of “Voting on the Heads” from the Head Room. Tara and Jim are unsure what the height of the new room will be, which is a concern because the ceiling must be a certain height in order for the heads to hang properly.

Tara was enthusiastic about being involved with the kick off event. She had a few ideas, like spray painting the wall of Room 104. Carissa and Christine were unsure what all that entails, but will report back with more information.

Jim and Tara like the idea of finding relics from the Science Center to sell at the auction.

Tyler asked if it would be possible to hang a head in room 106 if room 104 does not meet the height requirements needed to hang the heads.

Carissa said she was not sure if the heads would be well received in room 106 because that room is used mainly for social sciences.

But Christine said she felt sure that, no matter the outcome of the height of room 104, the professors were aware of the student attachment to the Heads and would make decisions accordingly.

Charlie talked about the WordPress website for the SGA website. It’s still a work in progress. The idea is to create a landing page for the Campaign. The website should portray the importance of student involvement. The idea for the Student SC Campaign logo is a drawing of Herm’s head up on the wall with the other heads in the head room. Another possibility is Herm riding the Bison “into the future of EMU,” as Christine put it.

Ryan suggested a possible student to do the illustration and so did Mariah. Christine stressed the importance of getting a student to create the image. Having marketing make the logo will take longer and possibly cost money, and having a student name on the artwork will look good for the campaign.
Christine asked for any updates from the senate. No one had any updates.

vi. Committee Reporting

Christine asked if anyone had met with a committee. No one had.

vii. Announcements

Christine gave instructions for the new senators to get into the office.

viii. Open Floor

Carissa asked if anyone had anything for open floor. No one did.

Christine asked for questions. No one had any.

ix. Adjournment

Mariah motioned to adjourn the meeting

Charlie seconded

Motioned passed

Meeting adjourned