SGA Minutes from March 27, 2013

Student Government Association

Senate Agenda

27th of March 2013

1. Call to Order – at 8:37 pm

2. Roll Call/Prayer

3. Approval of Minutes – Minutes passed.

4. Announcements

5. Old Business

a. CAC Band Recommendations – Hannah is getting a list together from recommendations that people emailed in. Senators were encouraged to get involved. John and Kyle volunteered.

b. SLS and Rachel Held Evans – The Intellectual Life Committee wants to bring in Rachel Held Evans who would cost $4000. An issue not to invite her is that she is not as well known with college students. However others mentioned that if we advertise it well, she seems to be very relevant to college students, especially when it comes to some harder faith issues. John made a motion to grant $2000 to the Intellectual Life Committee to bring Rachel Held Evans to campus. Christine seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

6. New Business

a. Executive Elections Help – Only a couple of people have shown interest in the vice president position so SGA needs to nominate all the other positions. Senators worked to come with different names for the different open positions.

 b. Strategic Planning Committee – Christine went this week and listened to discussion between Goshen, Bluffton, and EMU about long-distance learning through WebEx. Courses being discussed are sociology and will start fall 2014. Business masters programs for distance learning also being discussed. The next topic was a Leadership Conference that took place at Laurelville. There was also an update from faculty senate about concerns about administration about their role of teaching and not much support for being spread thin.

c. Cross Cultural Committee – Carissa went and said they talked about Deidre  possibly leaving for the undergraduate dean position. They said the semester long program is becoming more popular. The CASAS contract will not be the same so EMU can travel to different places in Latin America.

7. Open Floor

a. Matt M. brought a funding request for ISO. He wants the annual fundraiser dinner to be bigger and has reserved half the gym for the event. This year’s theme is “Breaking the Chains: Ending Modern Day Slavery.” Speakers and musicians come from the student body. Matt hopes that SGA will buy some tickets to give away in order to encourage more students to buy tickets. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for community members. Becca suggested that we subsidize all the tickets, instead of giving some away free. Zach             suggested SGA would cover $2 of the $5 student cost. Matt will come back next week with exact numbers.

b. Mariah brought up that she has walked through dorms and seen horror/torture movies being shown in public lounges that can be disturbing to people walking by.  Mariah doesn’t want to take away the freedom to watch any movie, but is uncomfortable when they are played in such public areas. Ken brought up that in the CLC, we have the power to speak up in situations that make us uncomfortable.  

c. John brought up that there is a business event occurring in Harrisonburg, where students can present ideas to investors. Three students are going and John was wondering if they could possibly get SGA funding. Erika suggested going to departments or the Dean’s office. SGA money usually goes directly to open student events.

8. Adjournment

a. Andrew made motion

b. Tyler seconded

c. Motion passed.