SGA minutes from Nov. 16, 2011

Eastern Mennonite University

Student Government Association Senate


16th of November 2011


Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

-George Sheehan


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call/Prayer
  3. Approval of Minutes approved unanimously
  4.  Announcements
  5. Committee Reporting
    1. Commons Council- Louise
  • (A committee in charge of the commons). Talked about potentially putting security cameras in art gallery, doing something about deteriorating bball courts, issue with bikes parked in hallways (fire hazard)
  1. SPC- Nels & Brandon
  • Talked about enrollment goals for EMU/how to retain more students, finance situation
  1. Healthy Community Council
  • Louise and Becca Longenecker- today was the final summit. Organized biggest health issues into priorities by voting, had rep for each issue (teen pregnancy, obesity, healthy relationships, etc.), created action committees.
  1. New Business
    1. Ultimate Frisbee Club Constitution
      1. Suggestions were made for the improvement of their constitution as they are applying to be an official club.
    2. SGA Constitution Revisions
      1. The exec noticed that senate’s current constitutions do not include the following change:
        1. For Article III Section 1E1b. The old amendment says “…at least two”, the revised amendment says “…one”
      2. The exec suggests that an amendment is added requiring someone running for president to have been on SGA for at least one semester. Discussion ensued about this proposed amendment. Most senators felt that it was a fair requirement. People said that if someone is not willing to put in the time of being on the senate for a semester then they should not run for president. Also, people feared that without a requirement right now someone could run as a joke and win. There was discussion about whether or not co-presidents should both have to meet this requirement. The discussion is being tabled so that senators can ask peers what they think of this potential amendment. We will discuss it again in two weeks.
      3. Brandon suggested that voting in elections only happens online since people can technically vote twice if they can vote in the Campus Center and online. Nels said that it is already decided that [only] online voting is going to be the process from now on.
    3. Semester projects/goals
      1. Justin suggested that we get the Washington Post back in the caf (right now it’s just the DNR). James moved to ask Bruce to bring the Washington Post back to the caf. Katie Landis seconded. Motion approved.
      2. Elias asked about getting an updated constitution up on the SGA website as well as adding a forum on the SGA website where students could write ideas/proposals/requests, etc.
      3. Hannah Patterson suggested sending out an all student email telling the students that main dorm lounges are accessible 24/day with swipe cards.
      4. Nels suggested sending a note of condolence to JMU SGA in light of the recent accident and death of a JMU student (and also for the other couple JMU students who died this semester).
      5. Katie Landis- Ben Bailey asked her to suggest having a textbook fair at the beginning of next semester. He is asking for someone on SGA to work with him to figure out logistics and/or for SGA support. Dan Sigmans said that he’d help out. Katie is going to find out if SGA can officially support this type of endeavor.
      6. Kat is meeting with some Phys plant reps about lighting on campus. Specifically the lack of lighting by the side of the library (by the stairs that go down by the CJP entrance), the lower entrance of Common Grounds, between Maplewood and Parkwood Rd., by Hillside coming up from the parking lot to the front entrance and on the sidewalk walking from Northlawn to Hillside (by the Roselawn parking lot/behind the Art Center).
  2. Open Floor
    1. Hannah Patterson emailed RedBox- they said you must be a business to get a RedBox, but told her she can send in an application. (It was suggested to put one by the bookstore since it’s a business).
    2. A student asked Hannah Patterson to talk to professors about updating grades on Moodle. We told her to have that student talk to her professor directly.
    3. Ken gave stats about tuition rates at other institutions compared to EMU’s.
  3. Adjournment Dan Sigmans moved to adjourn. Alli Eanes seconded.


Next Meeting: 30 November 2011 at 9 pm in UC 211/212