Minutes from November 9, 2011

Eastern Mennonite University

Student Government Association Senate


9th of November 2011


Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

-Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call/Prayer
  3. Approval of Minutes approved
  4. Announcements
    1. Executive Elections
  5. Committee Reporting
    1. Campus Ministries Committee- Kari

                                                       i.     Brenda Matthews came to campus for Spiritual Life Week and they received good feedback from those chapels. Talkback spaces are not quiet enough so maybe they should be moved in the future. Keith Graber-Miller came and got conversation going on campus. They thought about the idea of a sexuality class. There was also the suggestion of a woman and man to talk about sexuality next year. And also, the persistent issue of trying to get more students to attend chapel.

  1. Sam Undergrad Council

                                                       i.     Guest for the meeting was John Yoder from Lancaster campus of EMU. He talked about expanding and developing Lancaster’s undergrad programs. Most of Lancaster’s classes concentrate on Master’s and adult degree completion programs. There was also discussion about EMU and Lancaster community college and a dual enrollment program. Also there could be a dual enrollment program with Conestoga and Christopher Dock Mennonite High Schools. There is a new proposed major in writing. It is not approved yet but was recommended for approval. There is also a one credit course in wisdom with peer teachers that will happen in the spring. The group of students was very organized in their proposal for the class. Course will likely be offered in the Spring.

  1. New Business
    1. Joel Nofziger- Yearbook Discussion
      1.  Joel talked about the main problem with Yearbook: lack of content. He proposed using content from WeatherVane to put content in the Yearbook. Supplementing it with that year’s pictures and cross-cultural reflections/pictures would be good.
      2. Ken said: It’s always a scramble to try to put the yearbook together in May. We need new ideas for how to incentivize people to get their pictures taken.
      3. Questions about crediting the authors/photographers were raised but Joel N. said it would be easy to take care of.
      4. Ken said a new group is forming that will take on the Yearbook for this year. The old advisor has resigned.
      5. The proposal was generally well accepted by senators. Budget for the Yearbook is lower than it was three years ago when it was under the umbrella of VACA. So there are budgetary constraints that lead to less quality and size.
      6. Katie said the main problem is not with content, it is with effort. It is really hard to care. She said that it is important to have the yearbook going throughout the year, not just at the end of the spring.
      7. Hannah P. said that her high school made a requirement that events had summaries. But Brandon said there would be logistical problems with getting people to actually do that.
      8. Jacob suggested the possibility of having VACA be enlisted to help, including academic credit in exchange for helping on Yearbook.
      9. Ken said connections to departments would be great. Those connections used to exist; now they do not. That may be a reason for its recent declining quality.
      10. Brandon made a motion that the SGA Yearbook committee will go to VACA and English departments to further investigate issues with the Shen. Hannah S. seconded.  Passed Unanimously.
    2. Competitive Cheerleaders’ Constitution

                                                       i. James handed out constitution to be reviewed by senators. Advisor is the cross-country coach’s wife. Time was taken to read over the constitution. Points of review were made at:

  1. Change the word ballet to ballot under article 5
  2. Consistent in punctuation of the word “co-captain.”
  3. Clarification was discussed about captain and co-captain leadership roles and about the actual use of terms. Hannah S. thought that the captain should be voted on (refer to article 5 and article 4).
  4. Becca said Article 2, 4th line is unrealistic.
  5. Clarification of “summer camp”.
  6. Is the club open or is it skill-based? A max of 20 people?
  7. They can be a club, but it is doubtful they will be able to receive SGA funding because it is based on being a club-team.
  8.  It would be helpful to know what exactly they are planning on spending (with help from SGA or not).
  9. Becca said: Amendments should be able to be proposed by all members.
  10. James said he would pass along recommendations to the prospective club.
  11. Funding Request- Peace Fellowship
    1. Peace Fellowship is organizing its annual trip to the School of Americas protest. They requested a total of $500 to cover transportation costs. Katie asked what the SOA was and Josh Kanagy gave an overview of what the organization is and what the protest is about. There are 12 students going and the group already has 2 vans to use. Hannah S. asked how PF will return the information to the campus from the protest. Kiersten said that the group will most likely write a WeatherVane article or hold a presentation in CG on the protest. Katie asked how much the individuals are going to pay. Kiersten said no more than $20 each. Ken mentioned that the group would have to spend $1800 if the group rented vans from EMU.
    2. Becca made a motion to give $500 with a suggestion to publicize the experience. Hannah S. seconded. 2 opposed. 10 approved. 1 abstained. Motion passed.
    3. Semester projects/goals- tabled
    4. Healthy Community Council Rep.
      1. Nov. 15th @ 8- 10:30 in VMRC Detwiler Auditorium
      2.  James explained what exactly the group was, which basically came down to community development. Becca said she would be able to attend. Louise also said she would be willing to attend. James mentioned that Nels and him would also be willing to attend.
  12. Open Floor
    1. Darian Harnish came in to make a motion from the student body to make an amendment to the constitution which consisted of the attached paper titled “MEMO.” The recommendation came with 89 signatures. Darian said the purpose of this would be toward student involvement and merit of candidates. Becca recommended that the posting of platforms on the voting website (whatever that might be) would be a good idea.
      1. James brought the amendment to a vote. It was passed unanimously.
      2. Ken said the motion is not yet in the constitution and mentioned the process it has to go in which can take WEEKS. Darian recommended the process be carried out in this election even though it is not technically in the constitution yet.
    2. Jacob apologized for not bringing snack.
    3. Louise reminded everyone of the Interfaith Dialogue.
  13. Adjournment Brandon made a motion to adjourn. Joel Choi seconded.


Next Meeting: 16 November 2011 at 9 pm in UC 211/212