April 13 Minutes

  1. I. Call to Order Michael (9:08)
  2. II. Roll Call/Prayer

Present: Benjamin Bergey, Michael Spory, Will Morris, Sarah Beck, Janelle Freed, Alli Eanes, Dan Sigmans, Matt Dean, Erika Babikow, Courtney Walker, Todd Hooley, Hannah Wenger, Amin Laboriel, Hannah Schrock, Laci Gautsche, Brittney Wenger, Nels Akerson, Amy Springer, Vi Dutcher, Ken L. Nafziger

Absent: Heidi Bauman

  1. III. Approval of Minutes

Motion 13042011-1 to approve the minutes with the change of one letter: Janelle

Second: Hannah S.

Motion passed

  1. IV. Announcements


  1. V. Committee Reporting

a. Undergraduate Council: Janelle shared that Follett came in to encourage faculty to get their

book requests in for next semester as soon as possible in order for students to save the most

money.  In addition, the library staff came in to talk about their budget allocation and how much

each department was given.  Finally, they discussed chapel; the PAs sent a letter to request that

all faculty and staff attempt to attend chapel once a week in order to boost attendance and

encourage students to come.

  1. VI. Old Business

a. Faculty Forum: This is now a different day: Tuesday the 19th at 8:00 in Common Grounds!

b. Budget: Will shared that every club leader turned in the club folder and there were no budget

appeals so there were no budget changes since our preliminary approval.

Motion 13042011-2 to approve the 2011-2012 SGA budget: Alli

Second: Janelle

Motion passed

  1. VII. New Business
    1. a. Music Series Planning: Michael shared that Doug Wandersee is already requesting help with planning next year’s music series so that he is able to work on getting desired musicians lined up over the summer.  Amin and Brittney agreed to serve on a committee with CAC members to help brainstorm ideas for musicians.
    2. b. Student Lecture Series: Alli shared that she met with Brian Martin Burkholder and they came up with ideas for potential keynote speakers for next year’s SLS.  The suggested names were Shane Hipps, Shane Claiborne, Rob Bell, Carolyn Heggen, and Francis Chan.  In addition, another suggestion was to ask a Muslim Imam (which is the equivalent of a Christian preacher) to add some diversity.  In order to try to narrow down the list, senators were asked to give suggestions for who would be good/not good for the SLS. Many senators were enthusiastic about bringing someone new to campus who hasn’t been there before (Shane Hipps and Shane Claiborne both spoke at Mennonite Convention and Claiborne has already spoken at EMU twice).  Many felt Carolyn Heggen sounded like a really interesting choice and there was also a lot of excitement surrounding Rob Bell.

Motion 13042011-3 to recommend Rob Bell and Carolyn Heggen as speakers to pursue for the SLS next year: Sarah

Second: Janelle

Motion passed 14-1-1

  1. c. Mennonite/s Writing Conference: Kirsten Beachy came in to share that EMU is hosting the Mennonite/s Writing Conference March 29-April 1, 2012.  This conference would include break-out sessions, writing workshops, and panels for local and regional authors.  In addition, there is usually a lifetime tribute for Mennonite writers, scholars, and publishers.  Some events will be open to the public, while others will be available only to those who register.  She came to SGA to ask if SGA could recommend particular writers/musicians from the Mennonite tradition for this conference and/or activities that would be of interest to students.  She also wanted to inquire as to whether SGA would be interested in co-sponsoring the conference or an event/s connected with it.  Suggestions were Trent Wagler, Keith Hershberger, Phyllis Pellman, Rhoda Jantzen, and Brad Yoder.  Others suggested a student-led coffeehouse where students can share their writings…possibly with a contest?  One senator suggested that it would be a coffeehouse like that would be something SGA could sponsor.  Others suggested workshops on writing spoken-word poetry or songwriting.
  2. VIII. Open Floor

-Todd shared that he was in conversation today with a student who felt that SGA doesn’t always have the power to get stuff done (i.e. nothing was really done about the commuter lounge situation).  While that particular situation was a little different because it was student-driven initiative where SGA was just asked for advice; however, it’s a very valid concern and should be addressed next year at the retreat since it is a little late in the year to change the lounge.  One senator suggested that sending out an initial/continual reminders that SGA is always open for students to bring their concerns.  Senators also suggested emphasizing the Opinion Board and encouraging students to feed off each other and share ideas.

-Last week is the FINAL SGA meeting for this year!

  1. IX. Adjournment

Motion 13042011-4 to adjourn: Will

Second: Dan

Motion passed

Meeting adjourned (10:06)

smb 04/13/11