April 6 Minutes

  1. I. Call to Order Ben (9:05)
  2. II. Roll Call/Prayer Heidi prayed

Present: Benjamin Bergey, Michael Spory, Will Morris, Sarah Beck, Janelle Freed, Alli Eanes, Dan Sigmans, Matt Dean, Erika Babikow, Courtney walker, Todd Hooley, Heidi Bauman, Hannah Schrock, Hannah Wenger, Laci Gautsche, Brittney Wenger, Nels Akerson, Amy Springer

Absent: Amin Laboriel, Vi Dutcher, Ken L. Nafziger

  1. III. Approval of Minutes

Motion 06042011-1 to approve the minutes with a few minor changes: Janelle

Second: Matt

Motion passed

  1. IV. Announcements
    1. a. Late Night Breakfast-April 27, 10pm: SGA helps serve the food at this event so be aware that this is coming up.
    2. b. SGA door: The door is sometimes left open, which is something to be aware of.  The latch doesn’t always catch so just check to make sure it’s latched closed before you leave!
  2. V. Committee Reports

a. Cross-Cultural Committee: Will shared that they shared updates from the current trips, all of which are doing very well.  Nels also shared that they discussed a re-entry program for the cross-culturals; the proposal is to provide an optional re-entry program (1 credit) that would help you apply the knowledge you gained to your life back in the US.  It would also be a time that could help you re-adjust to life in the States again.  This could potentially be something all the cross-culturals do together or it could be different for each trip.  Nels asked for discussion from the senate as to whether we thought this was a good idea.  Many felt that it had potential but concerns were cost and time.  One suggestion was to incorporate it into senior seminar somehow.

b. Writing Committee: Hannah W. shared that the committee discussed writing standards for undergraduate level.  They tried to condense the standards to make it more reader-friendly.

  1. VI. Old Business
    1. a. Faculty Forum: Hannah W. shared that they got a confirmation from Mark Sawin and they have the description written down and Common Grounds reserved on April 18 at 8:00 pm.  She inquired whether or not the committee had funding for snacks; funding is in place for coffee and snacks!  This is going to be a great event!
  2. VII. New Business
    1. a. Constitutional amendments: Ben brought proposed additions to the SGA Constitution to the senate.  Proposed additions included an additional Exec member (Vice President for Marketing) and a description of the duties that the position would have.  In addition, a proposed point in Article III, Section 2, B incorporated the carrying out of SGA’s strategic plan and future revisions necessary for that plan.  Other than a few grammatical changes, there were no major issues with either proposal.

Motion 06042011-2 to approve the proposed amendments with said grammatical changes: Janelle

Second: Matt

Motion passed unanimously

  1. VIII. Open Floor

-Michael shared that a student brought up an idea to have a ticking TV showing announcements from student organizations rather than just putting little slips of paper in campus mail.  Some senators thought that wasn’t very economically friendly; others thought perhaps we could have a whiteboard, e-mail, etc. to get the same idea.  Future Exec members were encouraged to look at this and keep this as an idea for the fall retreat.

-Will told senators to talk to leaders of PPHS and Celebration to bring in their folders to get funding!  Bug them! They need this to get funding!

-We discussed SGA folders and bringing them in to meetings.  Also, remember to take your things with you at the end of meeting—a lot of things are getting left behind!

  1. IX. Adjournment

Motion 06042011-3 to adjourn: Janelle

Second: Matt

Motion passed

Meeting adjourned (9:45)

smb 04/06/11