October 31 Minutes

I. Call to Order 9:03 pm

II. Roll Call/Prayer

a. Present: Lindsey Grosh, Sarah Roth, Anny Smucker, Karra Black, Bess Moser, Maria Bowman, Tyler Grove, Jackson Maust, Andrew Gascho, Kim Hawks, Stephen Stauffer, Michael Harnish, Kim Hawks, Tezzia Ndandula, Ken Nafziger, Rebecca Stouffer, Lauren Watson, Terry Jantzi, Nick Meyer

b. Absent: Amy Springer, Nathan Kauffman

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Motion: Anny Smucker

i. Second: Kim Hawks

ii. Action I: Approved unanimously

IV. Announcements

a. CAC Dance – This will be occurring this Friday night. Lindsey encouraged the senators to go to this, because we helped sponsor.

b. Housing Survey and HTFRLL – Encouraged senators to fill out this housing survey that will help the housing taskforce to hear and understand student opinions and thoughts. This taskforce would like to sit in on a SGA meeting in order to ask us for suggestions for future buildings and positive comments on present housing conditions.

c. Board of Trustees – Meeting on campus November 9th. Lindsey and Sarah will be presenting to them about what is happening on campus and in the student body. There is also a luncheon in which we will be invited to participate – encouraged senators to clear their lunch hours for this luncheon.

d. SGA spring semester – The secretary will be leaving next semester for cross cultural. Encouraged senators to think about running themselves or tapping other students on the shoulder

V. New Business

a. Commons Council Update – They are looking to move forward on revamping the Den – bar stools, booth seating, comfy couches and a flat screen. Also old trophies or jerseys to put up on the wall to make a more “sporty” atmosphere. This project would take $15, 000 to complete. Lost and Found for the Commons. Signage and crosswalks. Another issue was the possibility of having EMU take over the Den, as opposed to having Pioneer Catering run it.

b. Food Committee – The cafeteria just hired a new chef. Encourage students to fill out the opinion cards, because Bruce looks at each one of them and responds. Bruce is doing a very good job; he’s very passionate about what he does.

c. Library Committee – Discussed putting magazines online. Purchasing better furniture for the library.

d. Sponsoring Sudanese kids – The Executive is proposing that the senate sponsors some children by giving $10 each. The senate was very affirming of this decision.

e. Food Services – Lindsey and Sarah are attending a luncheon with Pioneer Catering. This will be time for negative and positive feedback – opened it up for senators to share. More vegetarian options and more flexible transfer meal hours and options in the Den. Suggesting that the Den uses other options besides styrofoam. “I found a hair in my eggs.” – Sarah Roth

f. Constitution Approvals: Badminton Club – Fix the redundancy found in article VI “Weekly meetings will be held once a week”.

i. Motion: To approve their constitution with the suggestion to change their roman numeral system.

ii. Second: Lauren Watson

iii. Action II: Approved unanimously

g. Constitution Approval: Table Tennis at EMU

i. Motion: To approve this constitution with the suggestion of including that they will vote for officers during the spring before the next school year. Maria Bowman

ii. Second: Tezzia Ndandula

iii. Action III: Approved unanimously

VI. Open Floor

a. The Res Judicata Debate on immigration went well. There was a suggestion to have the format resemble more of a “formal” debate, not a forum. They are planning on doing two more before the semester is over – a student one and faculty/staff one. More time for rebuttals and discussion.

b. Campus security – The new number for campus security is #4911. Magnets will be given to the student body with this new number and other information.

c. Cross Cultural concern – Group leaders didn’t structure debriefing sessions last semester, so SGA didn’t present information that had happened during the semester.

VII. Adjournment 9:57 pm

a. Motion: Tyler Grove

b. Second: Tezzi Ndandula

c. Action IV: Approved unanimously