October 3 Minutes

I. Call to Order 8:05 pm

II. Roll Call/Prayer

a. Present: Lindsey Grosh, Sarah Roth, Anny Smucker, Karra Black, Bess Moser, Tyler Grove, Michael Harnish, Kim Hawks, Nathan Kauffman, Nick Meyer, Tezzia Ndandula, Kate Nussbaum, Rebecca Stouffer, Lauren Watson, Ken Nafziger, Amy Springer

b. Absent: Jackson Maust, Andrew Gascho, Steven Stauffer, Maria Bowman, Terry Jantzi

III. Approval of Minutes

a. Motion: Nathan Kauffman

i. Second: Tezzia Ndandula

ii. Action I: Approved unanimously

IV. Announcements

a. Office Hours Sign Up – sent around sheet for senators to sign up for at least one hour a week. We as an executive don’t want to be sticklers for putting your hours in, but try and make an effort to be there. Mentioned the log notebook – sign in when you are in the office.

b. Chapel on Friday – Decided to meet at 9:45 pm on stage to go over details.

V. Old Business

a. T-shirts – Anny has designs from Sunil Dick. The design for a poster isn’t necessarily what we want on a t-shirt. More discussion about where to put the logo on the shirt – middle or sleeve.

b. Committee Sign Ups – We signed up.

VI. New Business

a. Den Hours – Bruce Emerson was wondering if SGA would be willing to advertise the new hours in the den. He also wondered if we could orchestrate an open mic night next Monday. We could make a poster to hang up in the den. Ken explained how he (and SGA) was instrumental in getting the hours to be extended. Moved into discussion about fixing the aesthetics of the Den – getting booths put in. Or pews? Put different colored light bulbs to create atmosphere. Move the smoking area into the den to get a “smoky bar” atmosphere.

b. First Debate in CG with Res Judicata: Res Judicata wants to facilitate four debates throughout the semester. The first one will be held on Tuesday, October 30 at 9 pm (topic will be immigration). They want to know how much SGA will be involved – publicity or just our name. Make sure to have other clubs involved as the debate topics pertain to their cause.

c. Constitution Approval – Pre-Professional Health Society: Do we have to approve ratifications of club’s constitutions?

i. Motion: Tyler Grove

ii. Second: Lauren Watson

iii. Action II: Approved unanimously

VII. Open Floor

a. Smoking action group – Had a meeting and talked about possibly having two smoking areas around campus or just a central location.

VIII. Adjournment 8:52 pm

a. Motion: Tyler Grove

b. Second: Tezzia Ndandula

c. Action III : Approved unanimously