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Resiliency After Trauma of War

After he got back from the war, Mark Lauro couldn’t pick up his young son without thinking about that night in Iraq. He was an Army National Guard sergeant with a company deployed in 2007 to provide security for military supply convoys. Lauro was in an armored vehicle running reconnaissance a few kilometers ahead of the ...More

Trauma healing with the next generation

I found the application for STAR – Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience – while surfing the net late at night. I was searching for some type of retreat or renewal, something that would help me sort through the grief of my grandmother’s death and the early stages of burnout in my church. My wife ...More

Recognizing the signs of trauma in youth

If you live or work with young people, it’s likely that you’ve felt their enthusiasm when a good idea catches their imagination, or listened to their laughter and banter as they hang out with friends. But you may also observe behaviors that concern you: irritability, anger, aggressiveness, withdrawal, feeling sad, substance abuse, cutting, or getting ...More

STAR: Energy, Exhaustion, and Excitement

Energy, exhaustion and excitement filled my body, brain and spirit as I returned home last Friday afternoon after a week-long STAR II training on the campus at Eastern Mennonite University. The excitement was from finishing another successful training and hearing the action plans of the participants that morning outlining how they planned to use the ...More