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Aküm Longchari

Aküm Longchari has a PhD from the University New England in Australia with the thesis focusing on self-determination as a resource for peace. His doctoral thesis was converted into a book entitled Self-Determination:  A Resource for JustPeace published by Heritage Publishing House, Nagaland, in 2016. He is currently the Editor of The Morung Express, which is a Nagaland ...More

Co-founder & managing director of daily newspaper in Nagaland

Aküm Longchari, MA ’00 Dimapur, Nagaland (far northeastern India on maps) To have any understanding of Aküm Longchari’s work, one must have some knowledge of his people, the indigenous Nagas, of his homeland, Nagaland. Nagaland is located between Burma, China and Bangladesh. For political and safety reasons, tourist visas are difficult to come by. Blogging ...More