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Jae Young Lee

Jae-Young Lee graduated from Eastern Mennonite University with an MA in Conflict Transformation. He works as a peace educator, restorative justice practitioner, and mediation trainer. He is one of the first facilitators for the victim offender reconciliation program in Korea, including at Seoul Family Court. He has conducted various workshops on peace education, restorative justice, ...More

NARPI & KOPI, 2008 & 2012: Reducing Militarization in N.E. Asia

In mid-October 2014, winter’s chill had arrived in South Korea. Inside a spacious conference room on the main floor of a newish multi-story building, 14 teachers were chatting animatedly about ways to be restorative in their lives and classrooms. They were participants in an advanced workshop on restorative justice sponsored by the Korea Peacebuilding Institute ...More

Jae Young Lee: From Making War to Making Peace

He peered through binoculars intently. His life, after all, might be at stake. Through the optics he could see the enemy smoking a cigarette, just over the border. Jae Young Lee, 16 years later, remembers the absurdity of that moment. North Korea’s “beloved leader,” Kim Il Sung, had just died, and both militaries – north and ...More