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Peacebuilding vocation and the Mennonites’ tutelage: personal reflections on my peacebuilding trajectory anchored on a Mennonite foundation

When I registered to become a member of then Zambia Fellowship of Reconciliation (ZAFOR), I had no idea the journey would culminate into a calling — my work for peace, justice and nonviolence — 21 years later. I have grown from an ordinary youth member to a national chair and proficient peacebuilding trainer and educator. ...More

The First and Foremost: Summer Peacebuilding Institute

In the summer of 1994, about 40 peace and development workers gathered on the campus of Eastern Mennonite University for a one-week seminar called “Frontiers in International Peacebuilding.” It was the first official event held by what is now known as the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, or CJP, which was then so fledgling it ...More

Sudan Mediations Led by Hizkias Assefa Yield Major Peace Accord

Professor Hizkias Assefa responds here to questions about his successful efforts as a mediator to bring peace in early May 2014 to a large swath of South Sudan. This is an abridged version of an interview published by EMU News Service (emu.edu/news) on June 17, 2014. EMU: In brief, what was the result of the ...More

Hizkias Assefa: Compassion should be our starting point

The reason Hizkias Assefa has two law degrees, two master’s degrees, and one doctorate is not because he loves living buried in university libraries. It’s because he had to leave his home country of Ethiopia when his friends and relatives were being killed or imprisoned during the Derg’s 13-year military dictatorship. He got to the ...More

CJP People Took Action

EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) has more MA graduates in conflict transformation in Kenya than in any other country of the world, except the United States. Thirteen graduate-level alumni or professors are based in Kenya. Our Summer Peacebuilding Institute has hosted 50 people from Kenya, including Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, one of six named ...More