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Huda Abu Arquob

Previously, Huda worked with Abraham’s Vision, a conflict transformation organization with a variety of programs to examine social relations within and between Jewish, Muslim, Israeli and Palestinian communities and to empower participants to practice just alternatives to the status quo. The program is an experiential learning program that works with Palestinian and Jewish university students ...More

Abou Ag Ahiyoya

Mohammad Iqbal Ahnaf

Faculty, Centre for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies As a lecturer in religion in peace studies, Mohammad teach two graduate courses: “Violence and Peace in Religions” and “Religion, State and Society.” Mohammad also manage a number of research and training programs on the issues of religion, peacebuilding and religion-state relations. He conducts a regular survey monitoring violence ...More

Alumni Couple are Movers and Shakers in Southern India

Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, move over. Ditto for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. CJP has its own version of a “power couple” – but the two truly represent “power for suffering people.” The man is 38-year-old Ashok Gladston, dean of 23 departments comprising 350 teachers at one of the most prestigious universities in India, ...More

All Are Staying in the Holy Land: On Moving From Victimhood to Mutual Dignity

This essay represents an excellent follow-up to the fall/winter 2012 issue of Peacebuilder magazine (both print and online), containing articles on the work of Fadi Rabieh and 24 other CJP alumni in the Middle East. In this essay, Rabieh offers a broad view of the steps Israelis and Palestinians must take to achieve peace. I ...More